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Things You Should Be Replacing but Have Not



As 2013 enters into our lives, it’s important to reflect on your own individual life. Are there specific things that are laying around your house that might need to be upgraded? Chances are this is true for you. If this is the reality and then make it a priority to upgrade your routine. Experts suggest that replacing certain health tools can help your overall health.

Your mattress

It’s been a while, perhaps you have not replaced your mattress and you find yourself starting to feel groggy when you wake up. Maybe you have backaches as well.

Well don’t blame your aches and pains on stress; it could be your mattress. Experts say them replacing your mattress will help you have a perfect night’s sleep, but replacing them is something many people do not do often enough.

In general, it’s important to stay up to date with what you sleep on. Technology changes in the sleep world often, and there are new technologies that can help you feel better after a great night’s sleep, and the mattress is key.

Replace your mattress every 4 to 6 years depending on use. Consider where your mattress will be going. Will it be in a guest bedroom that only gets slept on a few nights a month or is it your mattress that you sleep on every night? The amount of use plays a big role and how often you should replace it.

Replace your toothbrush

Chances are it is been a long time since your mouth has felt super clear. A fresh brand-new toothbrush will do the trick. Whether you use an electronic toothbrush or handheld, replacing the bristles is extremely important for good oral health.

Studies show that people who replace their toothbrushes on a regular basis every 2 to 4 months have fewer cavities and fewer dental problems than those who fail to replace their brush. Make sure you use 2013 as a time for new opportunities and brush your teeth with a new brush that will be a good start.

Replace your toothpaste

If brushing your teeth becomes boring and it’s no longer entertaining for you, consider changing your toothpaste. Studies show that people who upgrade to a new flavor or new brand often feel a sense of recharged and rejuvenation. You’ll feel better when you practice these tools.