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Best and Worst Holiday Foods for Your Health



It is that time of year where families get together and enjoy many good tasting treats. If you’re worried about your New Year’s resolutions and already thinking that losing weight will be one of them start early by eating healthy foods throughout the last week of the year.

Choosing foods that are healthy for you will help you feel better in your body and you will look better as well. The holidays don’t have to be a drag, there are tasty healthy foods that you can pick for a healthy holiday season. But beware there are also foods that are not good for you. Here are the best and worst holiday foods for your health.

Low-fat popcorn

Chances are you’re going to holiday parties and you may be in charge of bringing a snack. You don’t have to bring a dessert or fattening food, popcorn is a great appetizer and snack for any occasion.

You can sprinkle some cheese on it or simply use sea salt to get a little creative. People enjoy trying different types of popcorn and you can be the star of the party when you bring this popular favorite treat.

Popcorn is good for your waistline as it is low in calories and without butter, it is low in fat, but it is not the best food for your teeth. The kernels can get stuck in between your teeth and on the gum line, if you don’t floss regularly this could cause bacteria buildup, which could lead to cavities. Brush your teeth often and floss daily if you need popcorn.


Eggnog is a great holiday treat but it is not the best for your teeth or health. It is loaded with sugar and fat and when you drink it I can stay on your teeth for an extended period of time. Sugar that stays on your teeth can dig into your teeth and cause tooth decay it’s best to avoid these sweet treats during the holiday season or simply rinse out your mouth with water often.

Candy canes

It is the holiday season, which means candy canes, and chocolates are everywhere. Sweet treats are all around, it’s best to avoid them if you’re trying to slim down, and also you can keep a bright white smile. Candy canes are pure sugar and the sugar that is put in the mouth can form added bacteria, which leads to teeth problems.

In order to stay healthy just avoid candy canes and other sweet treats that can add weight to your body and cavities to your smile.