3 Passionate Eco-Cosmetic and Personal Care Companies

3 Passionate Eco-Cosmetic and Personal Care Companies

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Awareness of the potential health and environmental problems caused by toxic chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products is increasing all the time. More and more customers want assurances that the products they buy are safe to use. Safe for themselves, their children and their environment. Here we tell the stories of 3 eco -cosmetic businesses and the people behind them. Obligatory lists of ingredients can be confusing even to the very well informed so marketing words like ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘pure’ or ‘gentle’ have the powerful potential to cloud the issue. Big brand names are reacting to the demand but it is not easy to get a clear picture of just how safe the products you are buying are.

  • Passion to inform and share knowledge.
  • Desire to solve a personal or family problem with reactions to existing products.
  • General sense of common well-being.

These are some of the reasons that have turned many experimental eco-cosmetic and personal care operations into growing businesses.

EdenSong Essentials

3 Passionate Eco-Cosmetic and Personal Care CompaniesEdenSong Essentials specializes in ‘Raw Edible Organic Skin Food’. The business is run by women making and selling skin care products which use food-grade organic, raw, edible ingredients. Founder Stephanie Rountree named the company after her daughter Eden a ‘song in her heart’. She has always been interested in organics and things natural. She took nutritional studies and biology at university. Since then she has been researching the protective, regenerative and nourishing properties of organic and natural ingredients in skin care products. From the time of her first pregnancy, over 30 years ago, Stephanie has used only natural and organic products including food, gardening, skin care, clothing and cleaning products. Her passion grew into a business with an ‘unbending and purist attitude’ and commitment to perfection. EdenSong Essentials, based near Nashville, Tennessee, is attracting customers from around the world.

skinnyskinny – organic and ecofriendly – bath, body and home

The skinnyskinny starting point was a strong belief that ‘Organic and Ecofriendly Bath and Body products should work as well (if not better) than conventional products’. Naturally scented, long-lasting and simple. No synthetics, no sulphate and no artificial preservatives are used. skinnyskinny products are made from certified organic ingredients. The company is based in Brooklyn, NY, where 98% of their products are made. There is a strong community spirit in this company which supports local charities that share their beliefs. They are also carbon neutral, purchase wind-power and use recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and/or sustainable materials for all of their packaging. This community atmosphere is reinforced by their attitude to product development: “Usually, our decision to develop a product is based upon our realization that we personally need (or would really like) a particular organic product.”


ElyOrganics is run by Erin Ely. Erin has been eating organic and local foods for over 14 years and describes herself as a “fanatic when it comes to reading ingredients labels”. This fanaticism lead her to Miessence products. Feeling that she had at last found a source of personal care, cosmetic and nutritional products whose labelling she could trust. Finding that many companies falsely label their products organic, Erin does her own research into the authenticity of the claims of any procucts she sells. It was her feeling that others also wanted to be able to trust what they were buying that turned a personal passion into ElyOrganics the business.

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