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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With The Help Of Hypnosis



As we head into the New Year, we will undoubtedly be turning our attention to any goals and achievements we would like to reach in 2013. This usually prompts us to make either one or a list of resolutions that we hope to stick to in order to achieve these goals, but just because we make them, it doesn’t mean they are stuck to. Statistics show that 25% of us break our resolutions within a week of the New Year, with this figure rising to 35% breaking them within a month.

A big theme of people’s resolutions is usually breaking some sort of habit that they don’t like doing. Whether this is losing weight, quitting smoking, or stopping biting our nails, breaking a habit is a popular choice but is also a difficult thing to stick to. So how can we make sure we at least give our resolutions a fair chance and not join the 82% of people who not successful in achieving them? Well here’s how hypnosis can help.


In previous years, hypnosis has often been thought of as something that is shrouded skepticism and is thought to be the second rate to other ‘more proven’ forms of treatment. However, this is beginning to change. Hypnosis is being used more and more like a legitimate treatment and people’s views on it are beginning to change.

Due to elaborate stage shows and people who practice hypnosis purely for exhibition purposes, hypnotism has been given a bad name but it has many more useful functions than merely making people act like different animals in front of an audience. Scientists have even started using MRI scanners to monitor people’s brains when they are hypnotized, showing that we do in fact use a different part of the brain than we would use if we were just ‘going along with it’.

Breaking The Habit

When we get into a habit it is because our body feels comfortable doing it and most of the time we don’t even have to think about it, it just happens. Using hypnosis to break a habit works by creating good habits that will eradicate the old ones and so hypnosis training will teach the brain to become more comfortable with the new habit.

The trance-like ‘state’ which you are put into during hypnosis will heighten your ability to focus and so the action of creating a good habit to counteract the bad one will be easier to do. Hypnosis also helps to address the habit within the unconscious mind. As I said before, many of these bad traits are done without us realizing so hypnosis will allow the subconscious to be accessed, making it easier to plant the idea that the unwanted habit is bad. This will then make it seem less comfortable when your brain attempts to do it.

Breaking habits is always a difficult thing to do but hypnosis has really proved effective for stopping us from continuing them. Often, a habit such as overeating can hold us back in life, so breaking this will really help you gain back control of your life. If you’ve never considered hypnosis before then perhaps it is time to.