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Benefits of Aquatic Exercise



Life is hard on the body. The constant busyness, running errands, and chronic stress can all wreak havoc on physical and mental function, making it difficult for the body to repair itself. According to a recent British study published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, it was shown that stress and negative emotions such as anger can make injuries take longer to heal. How can we combat the effects of today’s hectic lifestyles and enable our bodies to recover?

Aquatic fitness provides the treatment needed to heal the body and calm the mind. Taught at Fitness center Baltimore, this form of exercise combines water aerobics along with strength training in a soothing environment. Here are five benefits of this low-impact exercise.

1. Joint-Friendly

Aquatic exercise provides a low-impact workout thanks to the water’s density and ability to absorb shock. Those with injuries and people suffering from arthritis find it to be cushioning to the bones, muscles, and joints. The water’s buoyancy also makes it easier for individuals with limited mobility to use their limbs.

2. Great Physical Therapy

World-renowned athletes use aquatic exercise to recover from sports-related injuries. The water’s shock absorption capabilities allow them to move without doing further damage. It also provides a natural form of resistance, forcing muscles to work to gather strength. This allows the body to heal faster and enables it to start regaining full range of motion.

3. Lower Stress and Blood Pressure

The American Heart Association recommends water aerobics as one of the ways to prevent hypertension. Being in water also produces a calming effect on the mind. Cares seem to wash away. The aquatic exercise combines aerobics with stretching maneuvers that allow the muscles to relax. The Baltimore gym has experienced trainers on hand to lead aquatic exercisers into Pilates-based stretches, effectively showing them how to connect mind and body for a workout with relaxation effects that last hours later.

4. Burn More Calories

Due to the water’s constant resistance against the body, aquatic exercisers will effectively burn more calories than they would by moving on land. Another benefit is the water’s refreshing aspect. No sweat here!

5. Accessible To Everyone

Aquatic exercise is a great way for overweight people or beginners to start a workout regimen, but are unable to sustain their endurance. Similarly, it’s good for children whose growing bodies cannot handle the impact of sports such as football. The whole family can participate in the aquatic exercise as a way of spending quality time together.

These five benefits are just a few of the many healthy perks aquatic exercise provides.