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The Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Child



Great Reasons to Breastfeed

There are numerous benefits associated with breastfeeding. Not only are the benefits geared towards babies, but their mothers as well. The most important benefit gained is for the baby, and it is the fact that babies who are breastfed gain enhanced immunities. Other benefits include a greater chance for the mother to lose weight after giving birth as well as a better relationship between the mother and baby. Even though infant formulas have the nutrients that are needed to help infants survive, they do not provide a number of important elements that are found in breast milk.

Better Immune Systems

When babies are born, they are born with a low number of natural immunities which makes them more susceptible to different types of infections and illnesses. The elements found in breast milk help enhance the babies’ immune systems, making them more able to fight off infections and illnesses. There is no comparison to the vitamins and antibodies that are found in breast milk.

Lower Risk of Allergies

Children who are breastfed also tend to have a lower risk of developing certain types of allergies. Many times, these allergies will include those related to food and milk allergens. The children also have a lower risk of becoming overweight during their life. Due to the skin-to-skin contact that occurs during breastfeeding, many mothers testify that they have an enhanced relationship and bond with their breastfed babies.

Protection Against SIDS

Another very important advantage gained through breastfeeding is that it helps lower the risk of SIDS. SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome. While there is no exact correlation between SIDS and breastfeeding, research has shown that those babies who are breastfed tend to be less likely to suffer from SIDS than those who have been formula-fed.

Benefits to Mothers

It is important to keep in mind that not all benefits of breastfeeding are directly related to the babies themselves. In addition, mothers also gain benefits. One such benefit is the ability to quickly lose weight after giving birth. While this does not apply to all mothers who breastfeed, for most of them, they testify that they were easily able to rid of the weight they had gained while being pregnant. For many of them, also, they say they are able to drop to a weight level that is even lower than when they first became pregnant. Furthermore, women benefit from breastfeeding because it helps lower their risk of developing not only uterine cancers but ovarian cancers too.

Non-Health-Related Benefits

Lastly, there are also non-health-related advantages gained by those mothers who breastfeed. Since breastfeeding does not require the use of bottles, there is no need to boil bottles or have a supply of formula on hand at all times. By being able to save time from not having to clean, wash, boil, and dry bottles, mothers find they have more time to bond with their babies.