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Postnatal Fitness Statistics



Having a baby takes a real toll on a woman’s body given the weight gain and other necessary changes that take place during the nine months of pregnancy and beyond, but giving birth doesn’t have to spell the end of a hot body!

Whether you need ideas on how to get started or just a bit of motivation from those who have come before you, here are three postnatal fitness statistics to help get you spurred on towards reclaiming your body and mind after giving birth:

1. Postnatal Exercise Can Ward Off Postpartum Depression

A recent study conducted with brand new Australian mothers who exhibited limited signs of postpartum depression without having been diagnosed with the disorder showed a huge decrease in the number who were later diagnosed with the mental illness, proving that the positive chemical release associated with physical activity can make major changes in the human brain, especially during a strenuous time such as that following a pregnancy.

The same study showed a major decrease in symptoms of women diagnosed with postpartum depression when a full exercise regimen was added to their daily routine. While difficult to measure, more than 80 percent of the women involved in the study reported substantial positive benefits after 30 days of exercise.

2. Exercise Can Promote Breast Milk Production

Mothers who breastfeed often complain of difficulty in producing breast milk, especially during the first 60 days following birth, but an American study seems to have found a solution in physical activity.

The study, conducted unofficially by a student group at the University of California, Berkeley, found that new mothers who got a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise five days per week were 85 percent less likely to complain of difficulty in producing breast milk than their sedentary counterparts.

This area of research requires further study before the link can be guaranteed and fully understood, but the results present a potential savior to women struggling to breastfeed, especially given that trouble’s close connection to postpartum depression.

3. 100 Percent of New Moms Who Exercise Postnatally Look Better, Faster

No official study is needed to come to the common-sense conclusion that new mothers who get back to being active as soon as possible following the birth of their baby will get back into shape faster than those who don’t; don’t wait for pointedly conclusive research for your excuse to get moving after giving life to your new bundle of joy!