Huge Tax Results in The Price of Smoking Soaring Throughout The Country

A recent study has revealed that smokers spend a whopping £90,000 in their lifetime funding their habit. Research has shown that the average smoker spends £27.54 a week on around four packets of cigarettes. The findings total a shocking amount of £1,432 per year, an alarming figure considering current climates. Furthermore it shows although many are aware of the dangers and health risks attached with smoking, they still continue to spend millions on the destructive habit.

The cost of cigarettes has been steadily increasing since the early Noughties, as an attempt by the Government to force smokers to quit. The price of a pack of cigarettes in the United Kingdom is now the highest in Europe. This has undeniably seen smokers quit, but it has also seen residents look at buying cigarettes abroad and bringing them back home in a bid to avoid taxes.

Findings also indicated that the price of cigarettes does affect the willingness to continue of smokers with 61% who participated in the survey stating that they were in the process of trying to cut back or quit smoking all together, with over half admitting that the price was the main reason for quitting.

Interestingly 28% were willing to switch to electronic cigarettes for a healthier and cheaper option.

There are many electronic cigarettes companies available to purchase from that offer a range of different flavours ranging from the traditional tobacco taste to the more exotic cherry and apple. Electronic cigarettes are much more cost effective but they are also much better for your health than traditional cigarettes. Containing no tar, no smoke or cancer causing toxins, they use water and nicotine to create a sensation similar to that of traditional smoking, but without the harmful chemicals.

Nikhil Nathwani, managing director of Nicolites electronic cigarettes commented on the recent study, ‘When amounts are stated so clearly – like £90,000 – smoking really does seem a wasteful, expensive and harmful habit. It does seem crazy to spend that amount on something that we are 100% sure is very bad for us. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tar, any smoke or cancer causing chemicals, yet still contain nicotine so smokers can hit their cravings. Making the switch over to electronic cigarettes could not only save you money but your health too.’

As the government increases pressure and restrictions on smokers in a bid to become a smoke free country, it is likely that more and more will make the move over to electronic cigarettes and leave the costly and health damaging type behind.

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