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Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Unhealthy Friends



We all have a trait or two that we wish we could improve, and the same applies to our friends. If you’re still scrambling for a gift idea as the holidays draw near (and who isn’t?), why not play upon these qualities? It may be a fun tongue-in-cheek kind of gift, or it could even be the catalyst that makes them change. Just be sure your friends have a sense of humor, or these gifts could end up offending more than delighting!

The Night Owl

Most of us know a night owl or two, up all night, and still consuming news or tooling around online long after most of us have turned in for the evening. You might even be one yourself. If they have expressed a desire to get more sleep, some night owl curbing gifts might be appreciated: a box of Sleepytime tea, a black-out shade, or perhaps even an internet timer that kicks them offline when it gets late. For the troubled riser, there are a number of creative alarm clocks out there, which run away from you or require you to complete a puzzle to shut them off. Or you can feed their late-night addiction with a book light or set of star charts (there’s an app for that, too).

The Couch Potato

There’s a whole industry revolving around couch potato Father’s Day gifts, but you don’t have to be a dad to prefer passive activities to active ones. You can introduce a little activity into their lives with a desk cycle (the pedal portion of an exercise bike that is small enough to slip under a desk). For the video game-oriented, games or exercise programs exist for the Wii or Xbox 360 Kinect which get people moving.

The Sweet Tooth

Sweet tooths and couch potatoes sometimes go hand in hand, so similar gifts may be appreciated. There are also cookbooks for healthier versions of baked goods, and Amazon even has a sweet tooth tamer gift basket.

The Worrier

We all know a worrier, who often can’t concentrate on being happy because they’re too busy focusing on everything that might go wrong. A number of books and meditative tools exist for people with anxiety. A good healthy activity for a worrier is yoga – and fortunately, yoga is a relatively inexpensive pastime to get into. Just provide them with a yoga mat and a yoga DVD or two and they should be ready to start.

The Smoker

Smoking can be a social activity, but as fewer people are smokers, it is becoming an antisocial activity. Nonsmokers don’t want to be around people who smell like cigarettes, and the secondhand smoke is unhealthy for everyone nearby. If you know someone who is trying to quit, you can help them in several ways. If you’re looking for a cheap gag gift, coughing ashtrays exist. For a nicer present that is sure to be appreciated, you can buy e-cigs – these electronic cigarettes present a much cleaner, healthier alternative that won’t bother the people around them.

The Overspender

Many of us have friends who have trouble controlling themselves around a big sale. These same friends often have trouble keeping enough money in the bank. They’re sure to be delighted to receive gift cards to their favorite shops and restaurants, but what if you want to go further? Reusable shopping bags are good for the environment and since many varieties exist, you’re sure to find something that suits your friend. For a friend who has a bad habit of misplacing and losing credit cards, there are credit card alarms that beep or vibrate if a card has been out of a slot for over 20 seconds.

Got any more healthy gift ideas for your unhealthy friends? Be sure to share them in the comments!