How To Create The Ultimate ‘Man Room’

It’s every man’s dream, a room of your own, your own space and all the gadgets and luxuries that come with it. If you have limited space how do you go about choosing what to put in your man room, and how should it be decorated? A lot of thought should go into creating your man room; it needs to feel luxurious, fun and well…manly.


Changes are you won’t have room for everything you want in your man room and kitting it out can be very expensive. Here’s a list of what I consider to be the man room ‘musts.’

  • Home Cinema System- No man room is complete without a decent sized screen for watching all important sport on. Consider installing surround sound, but don’t forget to sound proof the room to avoid upsetting family members! Remember, what happens in the man room should stay in the man room.
  • Games- No man room is complete without a pool table, or at least a pin ball machine or two. If you don’t have enough room for a full sizes pool table you can buy smaller version table topper games.
  • Comfort- It’s essential to a man room to have ultimate comfort! No hard sofas or wooden stools in this room! Indulge in ‘lazy boy’ chairs. Recliner chairs offer maximum comfort and convenience.


Of course decor depends on personal taste, but the typical man room is dark and materials are natural. Opt for dark wooden flooring and dark wood in any furniture. Think earthy tones, think cave man! Deep reds, browns and mossy greens suit the man room down to the ground.

Keep materials natural, leather sofas work best, fur rugs if you can handle it and lots of wood.


There is one thing not to be forgotten; a bar! How could you watch the football with your friends in your man room without beer on tap! Kit it out with all our favourite drinks, bar snacks and stools for your friends to sit on while you serve them drinks. You could even look into brewing your own beer; it’s easy to do if you have enough space!

Don’t forget the personal touches. This isn’t just any old man room, this is your man room! Hang photos of your hero’s on the walls and surround yourself with your favourite books and magazines.

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