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The Health Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes



 An e-cigarette is an electronic cigarette. It looks, feels, and tastes like the real thing, but without the harmful smoke and chemicals produced by tobacco cigarettes. Instead of combustion through the fire, which produces smoke full of tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and other chemicals, an e-cigarette produces a tobacco-flavored vapor that allows smokers to inhale nicotine in its pure form without lighting up.

E-cigarettes offer smokers a chance to be able to continue to use nicotine without inhaling harmful chemicals. It also provides a way for cigarette smokers to enjoy nicotine in public without offending or posing a health threat to those around them through second-hand smoke.

The electronic cigar provides a similar vapor-based alternative for cigar smokers who want to enjoy the flavor of a cigar in public or private without inhaling the smoke or exposing others. Both e-cigs and e-cigars are battery operated and last far longer than a single cigarette or cigar.

Inhale the nicotine without the smoke. E-cig cartridges hold a liquid called e-juice, a concentrated liquid form of nicotine mixed with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. A battery, rather than fire, is used to heat the e-juice to the point of vaporization. The vapor produced is inhaled through the end of the e-cigarette, which looks and works just like a real cigarette. Upon exhalation, the vapor remains inside the lungs and no vapor or odor is released.

 Help reduce or eliminate smoking. Nicotine is chemically addictive, but its use isn’t nearly as harmful to your health as the inhalation of smoke, carcinogens, and chemicals. E-cigs can help you reduce the negative impacts of smoking on your health so you can continue to enjoy nicotine. If you want to quit smoking, e-cigs can help you reach your goal by removing the toxins and providing a reusable cigarette that provides a puff here and there as you need it to help curb nicotine addiction.

 Satisfy your need for the physical act of smoking. Nicotine isn’t the only addictive property in cigarettes. The very act of smoking is addictive, as are smoke breaks and other activities enjoyed by smokers. If you want to quit the smoking part of smoking while continuing to enjoy nicotine and the physical act of smoking, an e-cig can help you maintain the rewards of smoking without the harmful inhalation of smoke created by combustion.

 Other benefits:

  • Save money and resources. E-cigarettes are reusable and some models provide hundreds or even thousands of puffs. For the price of a single pack of tobacco cigarettes, you can purchase a whole carton’s worth of e-puffs. Battery operated atomizers heat a coil that vaporizes the liquid and can be recharged endless times using a USB cable and a computer or AC adaptor. It all packs up in a convenient e-cig case that’s portable and easy to use.
  • Enjoy the taste without the lingering smell. E-cigs taste just like real tobacco cigarettes without the offensive smell lingering on your furniture, clothing, hair, or breath.
  • Smoke in public. No smell or smoke is released when you inhale the vapor from an e-cigarette. People can’t see or smell your exhalations when you breathe out after inhaling the vapor. That’s why some people refer to it as “vaping” instead of smoking.