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Indoor Activities for Your Kids



With winter already upon us, the days are shorter and colder, which makes playing outside and getting some much needed physical activity a bit difficult. Unfortunately, humans instinctively tend to put on a bit more weight and remain on the sluggish side during the winter season. The lack of sunlight also leads to depression and a general lack of motivation.

Regular exercise keeps your metabolism up and gives your body an extra dose of endorphins to keep those moody winter blues at bay. Instead of taking a break from the preschool physical education lesson plans and exercise routine, here are a few fun activities your kids can do in the comfort of the indoors.


Cleaning up around the house isn’t exactly what most kids would consider fun, but it definitely works up a sweat. Scrubbing the tub, mopping the kitchen, and vacuuming the carpet requires nearly all your major muscle groups. Try to make it fun for them by making a game of it or by providing an incentive for when they finish. In the end, you get a clean house and your kids get a good workout without any advanced physical education equipment.

Rock Climbing

Gyms these days feature more than just free weights and elliptical machines. They have plenty of fun activities for all ages. Many local gyms feature rock climbing walls for kids. Rock climbing is a great workout for your muscles and your brain as you plan a route up those steep walls. This exercise doesn’t require much training, though gyms have professionals handy to show you the ropes and ensure your and your kids’ safety.

If you’re not so into rock climbing, many gyms have indoor fields and courts so your kids can enjoy their summertime favorites regardless of the weather outside.

Dance Party

At first glance, dancing may not seem to fulfill any physical education curriculum, but it’s actually an excellent workout for your body and mind. These days, most gyms offer extensive dance classes in all genres and forms of dance. Dancing is a hearty cardiovascular exercise, but it also works out balance, coordination, and memory.

Of course, you don’t need to know any advanced dance moves to get moving. Simply push back some of the living room furniture, turn on your kids’ favorite tunes, and let them dance the night away.

Indoor Skating

Assuming you don’t have any frozen-over ponds, you can bundle your kids up and head to your nearest indoor skating rink. It’s not winter without a little ice skating, which is a good workout for the legs, but above all works on your balance and coordination. Whether your kids are gliding nimbly over the ice or just trying to stay upright, they’re sure to have fun and feel a bit tuckered out.