How Can You Ruin Your Steamy Sex Life

How Can You Ruin Your Steamy Sex Life

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How Can You Ruin Your Steamy Sex LifeA good and steamy sex life is not only a mean of procreation but it is an intimate and best form of relationship between two individuals of opposite sex. Partners not only let see each other literally naked but also expose their souls to each other. In fact if there is not good sexual connection between the partners that relationship often results in failure.
However, there are some common sex mistakes which set couples away rather than bringing them together.

Doing sex only to please partner:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that can really devastate your sexual life. If you are doing sex just to please your husband or wife an in bargain for something else and there is no real intimacy within you for sex, he or she might well masturbate or go to some other person.

Do not push your spouse:

You need to keep your spouse’s limitations in mind and have to respect them. Do not force your spouse to do which he or she cannot do. Furthermore, if your spouse does not want to have sex for sometimes you need to control yourself and give ample time to your spouse to settle down.

Sex for the sake of you own pleasure:

While having sex do not look only for your own pleasure but also try to make your partner enjoy. For example, oral sex will not provide you any physical pleasure but you will be happy seeing that your partner is enjoying it.

Take care of your partner:

It happens quite often that sex instruments of any of spouse do not work or he or she is tired or worried or just not in a mood of having sex. Instead of being furious to our spouse it is our duty support each other and wait for things to get right.

Do not set high standards:

Another important mistake is that we want to see our spouse the most attractive person in the world and demand impossible things out of him or her. We need to keep our standards low and should give pay full attention and love to our spouse that he or she deserves instead for praising people outside of our marriage.

A strong relationship can bear the burden of occasional mistakes but do not make them a habit otherwise they can really destroy your exemplary married life.

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