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Methadone Maintenance- Helpful for Opiate Addicts



People suffering from opiate addiction are asked to take up methadone treatment only if they have not received any fruitful results from the other treatment programs. So in case you are a victim of opiate addiction, you must be aware of the fact that Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) should not be your first choice since it considered the last option. Most methadone clinics will only take patients who have not received success from the other ways. Thus you should only consider going to the methadone clinic only after the other treatment programs have made you disappointed.

It is important to know that methadone is not an actual solution for treating opiate addiction. Its ability to block the receptors in the brain that are directly affected by the other harmful opiates has made it an option for treating opiate addicts. Methadone is mostly used to help people suffering from heroin and painkiller addiction. Before it emerged as an alternate way of treating opiate dependency, methadone would be used as an analgesic to cure pain. In fact, it is still primarily used as an analgesic. If you are an addict below eighteen years of age and considering going for methadone treatment, you must know that it is not given to people below eighteen as it is medically unsafe.

There is a variety of treatment programs offered by the methadone clinics. Depending on the condition of the patient, the tenure of the treatment will be devised. While methadone maintenance programs are mostly of a longer duration, there are short term detoxification programs as well that function effectively by reducing the patient’s physical dependence on the opiates. These types of programs mostly last for ten days during which doses of painkillers and heroin are lowered. Short-term programs also focus on counseling. On the other hand, long-term methadone treatment programs last for thirty days to six months, sometimes even more.

However, it is always wise to go for long-term methadone maintenance programs because the longer patients undergo the programs; their chances of recovery get increased. As per studies, it has been noted that some patients who took short term programs went into relapse. No matter whatever the mode of treatment may be, every methadone clinic should give aftercare and counseling to their patients so that there is no risk of relapse.

Even though few countries have put a strict ban on methadone, it still continues to a popular option for curing opiate addiction and pain. In recent times, methadone has also been used for treating pain in cancer patients making methadone a much-preferred option among proponents of methadone.