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Electronic Man To Ask- So How Much Does It Really Cost?



Electronic cigarettes are the rage these days among smokers. These are highly novel and innovative ways of smoking. The thing is, you are not really smoking when you are imbibing electronic cigarettes because, well, there is no such thing as electronic smoke!

Although there are questions as to the safety of these electronic cigarettes, there is no doubt that they are a lot safer than your traditional cigarettes. Traditional sticks kill you from within – nicotine slowly attacks your lungs until they are no longer able to function on their own. When you are a chain smoker, you will be feeling shortness of breath as nicotine has already invaded your lungs and make it difficult for you to ingest oxygen. When your body lacks oxygen, it will cause shortness of breath and gasping as the body tries to draw in additional oxygen to answer for its needs.

With e-cigarettes, however, what you are inhaling is not nicotine but a water vapor that is produced by an internal mechanism in the electronic stick. The e-cigarette processes a chemical – quite harmless, I can assure you – that includes flavoring and releases it through evaporation. So what you can get out of using electronic cigarettes is basically a simulation of your smoking experience but without the use of the harmful substance called nicotine.

Savings Calculation

Safety is not your only advantage in using e-cigarettes, of course. You also get to enjoy enormous savings when you switch to these amazing little things. Let’s put it this way. Say a pack of cigarettes costs around $7 in your local area. Are you a light smoker, moderate smoker, or heavy smoker? If you’re a light smoker, you could consume, say, 91 packs a year. 91 packs times $7 equals $637 per year!

Now, let us say that you switched to the E-cigarette kit which can cost you around $25, for example. Light smokers have been observed to make refills for about 115 times per year. One refill can cost you around $2, so 115 refills multiplied by $2 is $230. Compare that to smoking traditional cigarettes. You are actually saving around $407 per year in this example.

Of course, prices could vary depending on which electronic cigarette kit you are going to be purchasing. But you could see the difference, could you? You are actually saving two-thirds of what you are spending with traditional cigarette sticks if you move over to the electronic variant. Plus, you also get to enjoy relative safety to your health because of the lack of nicotine in the electronic cigarette.

Several smokers have already enjoyed the benefits of being able to convert to the electronic cigarette. They have reported fewer feelings of guilt that is usually associated with attempts to stop this damaging vice, and have stated that they are feeling more refreshed with every day that they are using the electronic cigarette. With these benefits plus the savings that you could incur, it is definite that shifting from the cigarette stick to the e-cigarette will be to your advantage.