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The Dangers Of Smoking When Driving



Points And A Fine?

While it is not illegal in the United Kingdom to smoke while driving your car, there have been numerous studies that have shown the effects on concentration to be similarly negative to those when driving whilst talking or texting on a mobile phone. This conversely leads to a strongly increased probability of a road traffic accident occurring, either involving the vehicle individually, other vehicles on the road, and pedestrians.

Health Effects

In addition to the dangers, the lack of concentration can bring, there are also huge risks posed to any passengers in your car who are exposed to passive smoking. There have been numerous demonstrations carried out recently displaying how quickly cigarette smoke can circulate around a car and how it stays in the car for a long time, as well as where damaging “invisible” smoke is in the vehicle.

There is currently a very evocative and powerful advertising campaign looking at consequences such as this. The example of smoking in the car is given along with the long term negative effects of smoking in the home. These are designed to shock individuals into giving up smoking and looking seriously at the effects on themselves and those around them.


E-cigarette cartridges are becoming a more popular aid to smoking cessation throughout the United Kingdom. While using an e-cigarette may well still be a distraction of sorts in the car, the level of distraction would be similar to listening to music or talking rather than at levels likely to cause a serious road traffic accident. Using an e-cigarette will also completely remove the harm that your smoking causes to others who are sharing the car with you.

E-cigarette cartridges are also being very heavily promoted as a tool for around the home. Even in an age where smoking awareness is at an all-time high and many people smoke outside, they are still bringing in a harmful level of the “invisible” smoke we mentioned before, such as that which will cling to their clothes and skin. Using an e-cigarette cartridge is an excellent way to start yourself off on the path to giving up smoking for good, while also having knock-on health benefits to those around you.

Look to stop your smoking habit, whether it be in the car, the home, or even when you only go to work. Look to use an e-cigarette cartridge to help you on your way.