The Spa Experience in Kerala

The word spa brings a few relaxing thoughts to your mind – fresh flowers, soothing surroundings, alluring aromas and mesmerising music, with a lavish coating of hospitality. On hearing the name Kerala too, for those who have visited the place before, it is the same things that come to your mind. Nature arranges for the best rejuvenation, relaxation and refreshment. In short, when you are in God’s Own Country, you are always at a spa.

Merging a spa visit with a holiday is on the cards for most travellers. With increased awareness on healthy eating, nutrition, exercise, beauty and relaxation people love to include those elements in their holidays. This is where the spas in Kerala become the perfect choice for people who are opting to take a break from their speedy life to pamper themselves, relax and rejuvenate.

Kerala is renowned for its spices and medicinal herbs. The land is home to a number of the most exotic herbs celebrated for their medicinal properties. The people here have mastered the art of producing some really beneficial herbal oils, that when applied by skilled masseurs produce amazing results and has given the state unmatched potential in spa tourism and Ayurveda. Most luxury spas in Kerala offer a combination of Ayurveda and modern wellness therapies.

Kerala has the potential for all major types of spas– Destination spa, Resort spa and Day spa. This makes the state a front-runner in the industry. Destination spas combine spa treatment together with sight-seeing, while Resort spas are mostly arranged in the resorts itself for the guests staying there and are a value addition to the resorts. Day spas are the most standardised format of a spa, preferred largely for skilfully done treatments like facials, massages and therapeutic treatments. Any spa in Kerala would be based on Ayurveda where natural herbs and scents will be used. These spas mix Ayurveda with modern day high-end equipments like steam, sauna and jacuzzi baths.

Ayurveda spas focus on rejuvenation and body purification. Serious Ayurveda treatment where ailments could be successfully treated is also done at these spas. Though this is in total contrast with the objectives of a traditional spa, the people who visit spas in Kerala have these aims in mind. Another difference is the minimum stay requirement of Ayurveda resorts, unlike the day spas. For getting effective results a minimum stay of seven days would be required for basic treatments and rejuvenation therapies. Special packages addressing stress and strain to post-pregnancy health programmes, the Ayurveda spas have it all in store.

More than beauty and skin care, the spas in God’s Own Country emphasises on a healthy lifestyle making it an experience for you to treasure for a life-time.

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