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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Concentration Without Drugs



With information and responsibilities bombarding people on a daily basis, it can be a challenge to remain focused on one item at a time and can lead to unwanted stress. However, there are simple and natural methods that can be done to enhance concentration. Whether working or studying, these top five ways will effectively help improve concentration, reduce distractions, and create a better balance in life.

1. Plan ahead.

Schedules are excellent tools to maintain high concentration and even keep to-do items organized. With many different tools for scheduling, such as dry erase boards, smartphone apps, and physical agendas, there is a suitable planner for everyone. Before the beginning of every week, choose times and days for certain tasks to be completed. Once specific times have been scheduled, the mind is able to put the necessary effort into each listed task. Schedules also help prioritize to-do items as well. By planning ahead, there is no need for multitasking. The focus becomes stronger and more effective because there is a variety of assignments to be completed. The brain gets to be challenged with different tasks instead of monotonously going through the same job over and over.

2. Eat a balanced diet and exercise frequently.

Surprisingly, proper nutrition and physical activity can aid in better concentration levels.

Toss sugary drinks and snacks in the trash, and replace them with nourishing water and healthier foods. Water is essential for the brain to function to its fullest potential. Since the brain requires oxygen, water rejuvenates it and also keeps the body hydrated. Put reminders to drink water often by placing water bottles on desks, around the house, and in the fridge.

Participate in regular exercise. Whether it’s 15 minutes or two hours a day, exercise can enhance mental energy and concentration tremendously. Burn up the excess energy in the body so that the mind doesn’t accumulate all that energy and convert them into millions of thoughts. By exercising, the mind becomes sharper and zips through tasks easily with more efficiency.

Keep the body and mind energized with healthy snacks and meals. Consuming high fat and sugary food decreases the mental capability necessary to perform tasks effectively. With these types of food, the mind becomes too tired to focus completely on assignments. Have fruits and nuts around the office or home for snack cravings. Plan healthy meals ahead of time so that greasy, fatty foods aren’t a strong temptation when hunger pangs occur.

3. Eliminate all distractions.

Distractions can be a concentration killer if they are present while completing tasks. Chatting with a coworker, biting nails, and leaving the television on are a handful of examples that unknowingly create distractions, which makes concentration deplete. Take the time to observe surroundings, and eliminate all distractions and possible distractions to focus better on tasks.

4. Give the mind a break.

Overworking is a surefire way to strain the mind and produce unnecessary stress. Prevent any mental breakdowns by giving the mind a much-needed break when it has been working for an extended period of time. Read leisurely, or take a walk around the neighborhood. There are many ways to calm the mind and prepare for the next task.

5. Play puzzles, and use different memory tools.

Whether it’s playing Sudoku or arranging puzzle pieces, puzzles provide a powerful way to strengthen the mind’s concentration. These concentration games stimulate the mind and force it to learn to focus on one item at a time.

Use a variety of memory-enhancing techniques. Mnemonics uses acronyms to compress long, complicated items into a memorable saying. Meditation offers a relaxing way to empty the mind of racing thoughts. By making the mind focus on one item, meditation creates a wall against unnecessary, probing thoughts. Create rhymes or songs to stick to the mind better, similar to how popular radio songs replay over and over in the mind.

Learn faster and retain information better by using flashcards. Whether used for vocabulary words or math formulas, flashcards can be made for a ton of different subjects. It’s an excellent memory game to play with the mind, and a great tool to utilize for the next academic exam.

Concentration may seem like a difficult ability to obtain, but with these simple and useful tips, practicing for a sharper mind becomes easier and attainable.