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5 Easy Steps To Create A Healthier Workforce In Your Business



It’s a fact that you’ll gain more productivity from your workforce if they are healthy. It makes good business sense to establish a health and wellness program within your company. If you haven’t put such a program in place as of yet, here are five ways that you can create a healthier environment for your employees:

1.In the Cafeteria

If you provide meals for your employees, skip the burgers, and introduce salads. Take fried foods off of the menu and add fresh greens and fruits. By encouraging your employees to eat in a healthy way, you can have a very real impact on their dietary choices both in and out of work. If you don’t provide lunch for your employees, consider taking the time to print out a list of healthy restaurant options in the immediate area.


Hold health and wellness workshops for your employees once quarterly or even one time each month. Look for topics that are relevant to your workforce to maintain employee interest. You may want to hold workshops on general wellness education, smoking cessation, weight control, or risk reduction. Remember to keep your employees in mind when brainstorming topics for your workshops; it makes no sense to hold a smoking cessation workshop if none of your employees use tobacco products.

3.Health Screenings

Talk to your local hospital about sending medical staff to your company for a day of discounted health screenings. Your employees can have their weight and body mass index checked, their blood drawn for cholesterol and diabetes screenings, and their blood pressure is taken. Have seasonal vaccinations on offer and educational materials that your employees can read while they wait. Many people skip these necessary screenings simply because they have no time to get them done. By offering a health and wellness day, you’ll provide a valuable benefit to your entire workforce.

4.Fitness Centre

If you have a room in your building that you can dedicate as a fitness center, do so. Ask local centers to donate old equipment or for a discount on used equipment. If you don’t have a room that you can dedicate, ask local fitness centers if they would be willing to offer a discounted membership to your employees. Encourage your employees to use your fitness center or join the local club; fit employees are more likely to show up for work every day.

5.Care Packages

It’s not something that many employers do, but delivering care packages to sick employees can motivate them to get back to work. The simple act of showing that you care will make your employee want to work for you. Your package doesn’t have to be extravagant, just thoughtful. If your employee is out sick with a head cold, put together a package with tissues, tea, a lovely mug, and a cold remedy. If your employee is in hospital, stop by for a visit and bring along magazines, books, or other favored goodies.

The healthier your employees are, the more likely they are to show up for work every day, prepared to give their best. If you want to boost employee productivity, putting a health and wellness plan into action is an option to consider.