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Best E-Cigarettes : Guides for Buying



Where To Start?

Online you can get a lot of information about e-cigarettes and sometimes it’s difficult to decide if you should look to smoke them or not. Therefore you should read carefully all that is available and then make your own decision. Let’s consider what the benefits are. First of all, it has long been said that regular cigarettes are bad for health. Well, there are a lot of harmful toxins in them and carcinogens. One such ingredient is benzene which is a hydrocarbon that is derived from coal and petroleum and is found in regular cigarettes as well as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide among others.

Benefits of E-cigs:

Electronic cigarettes remove a lot of health risks while still allowing smokers to enjoy their smoke. They also allow people to be able to smoke in many of the social places where they were previously banned. This is because these give out vapor instead of smoke and don’t endanger other people with second-hand smoke. Just be sure you check on the rules before lighting up. There are three primary types of e-cigarettes on sale. Ones which are about the size of a pen but has certain limitations, the second style is the one that is now most common which has the shape and size of a regular cigarette and is known as the mini e-cigarette and the third available model is known as the supermini e-cigarette same shape as the previous but half the length.

Brands and Pricing:

The e-cigarette which has received the highest score in testing is the Safe Cig and the runner up was Green Smoke closely followed by Blu. The Safe Cig brand makes use of a two-piece design that has disposable nicotine cartridges instead of liquid drops. Safe Cig offers three flavors – classic tobacco, marl, and menthol. From the other brands, Blu offers a great variety which also includes fruit flavors and actually resembles classic hookah water pipe flavors in their taste and texture.

However, be aware of the fact that electronic cigarette smoking is not for everyone but if you can try out an e-cigarette or two before making the choice of purchasing a starter-pack. Starter-packs can range anywhere from $59.95 to $124.99 for the top brands. There are discounts available online and at some sites coupons for first-time users. Then again if you look at the fact that you still won’t have as much expense as with regular cigarettes it’s worth looking into investing in electronic cigarettes.

Other benefits are that these kinds of cigarettes won’t stain your teeth and fingers yellow, give you bad breath and smell of your clothes. They are basically safe and eco-friendly, definitely cheaper and cleaner. E-cigarettes save you money as well as you don’t have to buy pack after packs like regular cigarettes, no lighters or matches, and no danger of setting anything on fire. Those smelly ashtrays of ashes and cigarette butts will be a thing of the past. Take a look at what kind of electronic cigarettes are available and remember the start-up sets also vary. Choose what best suits you and enjoy it.