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Power for the Future – Britain’s Renewable Energy Revolution



Renewable energy is big news in Britain.  There are many schemes underway to encourage individuals and companies to invest in new sources of renewable power.  With Brac Group you could find cleaner and greener ways to improve your building.

The Future is Greener

In the past, I have been skeptical about renewable energy.  Many options such as solar power and wind turbines seemed to be either too expensive or too cumbersome to offer real solutions to renewable power.  However renewable energy has come on a long way in recent years.  There are now some very efficient and highly effective renewable power systems on the market.  Not only can these offer greener credentials for businesses and homeowners but they can save money when it comes to powering buildings.

By using renewable power experts like Brac Group, many people are now moving forward into renewable energy.  This revolution has been slow to start but is gradually gaining momentum across the nation.  From large corporations to low-income families, more and more people are getting interested in the benefits of renewable energy.

Meeting Challenging Budgets

Many modern establishments are dealing with tough economic climates.  Schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other public services are no exception.  I work in the public sector and I know just how tough recent budget cuts have been.  Finding enough money to carry out the daily job effectively is becoming increasingly difficult.  This means that any money that can be saved on the running of the business now cannot be ignored.

With the Brac Group, you can get help from energy experts.  They can evaluate your building and suggest effective ways to install modern renewable energy solutions without disrupting the looks or functionality of your workplace.  My building was recently upgraded with an advanced solar power roofing system.   There were two main aims for this new renewable energy system.

  • Firstly the addition of solar power to the building would help to reduce heating and electricity costs.  These energy costs have been growing increasingly more expensive in recent years and accounted for a significant chunk of the annual budget.
  • Secondly, the new solar system would help my workplace to improve CO2 consumption and meet new government targets for environmental responsibility.

Once the solar system was in place we started to see some immediate benefits when it came to standard energy consumption.