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Are E Cigarettes Safe To Use?



The E-cigarette is quickly becoming popular around the world as a safe alternative to smoking and in fact, many areas don’t even have an age restriction on them due to electric cigarettes not yet being classed as a drug. Many people can purchase them online easily, without verification of age, to receive products that can contain a great deal of nicotine.

Many people wonder if they are safe and if it’s a good idea to switch from the cigarette to the e-cigarette.

Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette

Cigarettes are the most common form of a legal drug in the world and have been smoking for literally hundreds of years. Cigarettes contain large amounts of carcinogens and nicotine which is addictive. Also, they contain more than 700 chemicals, 70 of which are known poisons. Cigarettes also release tar and ash into the lungs which can kill and paralyze cilia, hence preventing the cilia from blocking dust particles entering the lungs and can eventually coat the lungs to create a smoker’s cough.

E-Cigarettes contain trace amounts of carcinogens as well as chemicals. E-cigarettes use a vaporizing process to turn nicotine liquid into a vapour that can be inhaled in the same way as cigarette smoke. Usually, this is done using a battery, a cartridge full of liquid and an atomizer that may or may not be part of the kit. Electric cigarettes contain trace amounts of chemicals and do expose the body to vaporizing, of which the effects are still unknown.

Are Electric Cigarettes Safe?

It should be noted that e-cigarettes are not safe. They still contain dangerous chemicals and various health organizations do not recommend anyone to start smoking them. What those health organizations do say is that electronic cigarettes contain about one times lower concentrations of harmful chemicals, making them much safer than cigarettes.

Most doctors give this recommendation because addiction to nicotine can still be harmful to the body. If the addiction can be avoided, it’s most likely a great deal healthier to skip smoking altogether. However, with the choice of tar and smoke-laden cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes, most doctors will say that the electronic version is a great deal healthier and safer.

In fact, anyone who doesn’t currently smoke could choose to purchase electric cigarette cartridges with no nicotine. This would give the ‘appearance’ of smoking for either a hobby or to fit in with a crowd, without exposing the body to addicting and harmful substances.

Considering making the switch and trying an e-cigarette? You should choose from a trusted brand with good prices and consider getting a starter kit for your first try.