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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit



The electronic cigarette industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Thousands of smokers are excited because finally there’s an option that doesn’t result in painful nicotine withdrawal or losing out on the many enjoyable aspects of smoking.

Having purchased several electronic cigarette kits, I’ve learned a few things about what to get, how to choose, and how to assess e-cigarette quality before buying.

This article sets out 7 basic tips to help you choose the right electronic cigarette for you.

1. Get a kit with 2 electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes run on a battery that you must charge. If you have only one electronic cigarette, what will you do when it’s charging? Yes, you can charge it via a USB connection, but you may not always do this.

The simple solution is to get a kit with 2 electronic cigarettes so you while one charge, you have a spare to use.

Remember, if you try to muscle through too long without an e-cigarette, you just might break down and buy a tobacco cigarette pack.

2. Vapor intake quality vs. convenience

The automatic electronic cigarettes work by inhaling air which triggers the vaporizer. Electronic cigarettes place the air intake hole in one of two locations. Someplace it at the tip of the e-cigarette while other brands place it where the cartomizer attaches to the battery portion (the longer portion).

Both placements have an advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage with the air intake being placed at the tip is you won’t inadvertently cover it with your fingers. It’s well out of the way. The disadvantage with this placement is there is a slightly longer delay for the vapor to hit your throat from the time you start your inhale.

The advantage with the air intake located where the cartomizer attaches to the battery portion is that the vapor hits your throat very fast and it’s a robust hit. The disadvantage is your fingers can cover it which lowers or prohibits an inhale.

Personally prefer the air intake where the cartomizer attaches to the battery portion. The reason for this is that I prefer taking care of where I place my fingers and enjoying a stronger hit. To me the strong hit is everything.

3. Ensure your chosen brand delivers to your country

Not all brands ship to all countries. If you don’t reside in the USA, before you invest time on an electronic cigarette website, do a quick check to see that they deliver to your country.

4. Does the brand offer an auto-ship program?

An auto-ship program is where you can stipulate a certain number and type of refills will be shipped to you automatically. This is a convenient service that will save you time ordering each month. It may take a little trial and error getting the quantity and your preferred flavor … but in the long run, it’s a great option once you decide on a brand, flavor, and quantity.

5. Flavor variety packs for getting started

If you’re ordering from a brand you’ve never tried before, order a variety pack so you can try different flavors. The range in flavors for all brands is significant. You won’t know what you like and what your preferred flavor is without trying several flavors. It’s also fun.

6. You often get what you pay for

Electronic cigarettes are not a commodity. By this, I mean that not the quality in the performance of electronic cigarettes and flavors varies a lot. Generally, the higher-priced kits perform better. Same thing with flavors.

I’m not saying you have to buy the most expensive brand. However, keep in mind that the lowest cost electronic cigarette is likely not the best quality.

7. Always look for an electronic cigarette coupon code or discount

Many electronic cigarette websites offer coupon codes or discounts. The discounts range from 5 to 20%. Be sure you search for these discounts before buying because it will save you a few dollars on your kit purchase.