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A Guide To Liposuction



What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure whereby a small incision is made and a tube is inserted below the skin to allow for the removal of fat and excess skin, therefore altering the shape of the body for medical or cosmetic purposes. During this procedure, a general anesthetic is administered and the fat is broken down with the use of am the saline solution.

What is smart liposuction?

For patients that don’t wish to have traditional liposuction or would prefer to undergo a procedure where general anesthetics aren’t required, a cosmetic surgeon will often offer ‘smart liposuction’. Laser Lipo and Lipo Freezing are two forms of smart liposuction.

Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo is a less invasive adaptation of traditional liposuction. As opposed to the conventional methods, Laser Lipo uses fiber optics to break down the fat cell wall and ‘liquefy’ fat before extracting this liquefied fat through low-level suction. As this treatment is less invasive than traditional liposuction, it can be performed under a local anesthetic.

Benefits of Laser Lipo

The benefits of Laser Lipo include:

–          A quicker recovery time

–          Less bruising

–          Tighter skin as a result of the laser’s energy stimulating the production of collagen

–          No loose skin after the fat has been removed

Laser Lipo results

Although the results of Laser Lipo will improve over time, you will be able to see immediate results after your surgery. As this procedure encourages the body to work at naturally removing fat, a patient should see the full extent of the procedure 6-12 months after receiving treatment.

Lipo Freezing

Lipo Freezing – also known as CoolSculpt – is referred to as a non-surgical procedure as it doesn’t require any form of anesthetics. This form of liposuction is non-invasive and works by using technology to freeze and remove any stubborn fat.

Benefits of Lipo Freezing

The benefits of Lipo Freezing include:

–          Non-invasive procedure

–          No need for anesthetics

–          No need for needles

–          No need for surgery

–          No need for downtime

Lipo Freezing results

A patient may start to see results of their treatment as soon as 3 weeks after the procedure, however, more dramatic results tend to become visible after 2 months. This form of liposuction can take 2-4 months before dead fat cells have been flushed from the body – during this time, a patient should undertake regular exercise and promote a healthy diet and lifestyle.