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Rhinoplasty: The Right Procedure For You?



Rhinoplasty originates from the Latin and Greek languages. Rhino (Latin)translates into nose and plasty (Greek) means molding or forming. A rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that reshapes the nose. This can be for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. This procedure is more commonly known as a “nose job”.

This procedure can either reduce the overall size of the nose, or it can alter the shape of the tip. If desired the rhinoplasty can change the angle between the nose and upper lip. This procedure can restore the look of the nose after an injury, or it can fix abnormalities in the nasal cavities. This procedure will ensure that a patient can breathe properly through both nostrils.   

Women and men can both be suitable for a rhinoplasty. Most surgeons won’t operate on girls who are under the age of 15 and for boys 17. This is because the nose may still be growing until full maturity is reached.

How It Is Done

A rhinoplasty can be performed using two methods these are; the open and the closed technique. Both involve incisions made inside the nostrils, but the open technique will make a further incision into the fleshy skin between the nostrils.

In order to make the adjustments to the bone and cartilage, the skin has to be separated. To achieve the desired look bones can either be broken or chiseled, this obviously depends on the patient. Cartilage can be shortened too. Following on from these packs are placed on the nasal passages and an external splint applied. The packs can be removed within 24 hours but the splint should be worn for at least a week. The operation is normally completed after a maximum of 2 hours and can be done under general or local anesthesia.


After the operation, bruising and swelling around the nose and eye areas are normal, and should only last for up to 3 weeks. The other side effects may be an aching nose, a dull headache, or no feeling in certain areas of the nose. This does depend on the procedure as if bones were broken the recovery will take longer. To give time for the bruising to disappear, patients will return to work after at least two weeks. There are many specialist plastic surgeons offering plastic surgery in Birmingham, London, Wales, and throughout the UK who advise patients to not return to sports and activities for at least six weeks. It’s best to speak to your GP.

Results from the surgery will start to show after a week, but the final results can take up to 6 months, or until the nose is healed fully.