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2024 Prom Dress Trends: Hot Colors to Rock Your Night



Picking out the right color for your prom dress sounds easy. Go with whatever shade catches your eye, and you’re good to go! But hold up, when it comes down to actually trying it on, things can get a bit tricky. That dreamy color you had in mind might not mesh well with your skin tone or bring out your natural beauty.

No worries, though! In this article, the Milla Dresses crew has some laid-back tips on nailing the perfect color for your grad dress.

Choosing Prom Dress Colors According to Pantone Palette

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute dishes out the hues that become the talk of the town in fashion and design. And for prom night, you want to snag a prom dress shade as light as the dance floor. Here’s the lowdown on the colors that are stealing the spotlight:

Peach Fuzz:

Picture a soft, dreamy shade of peach with a sweet sunset glow. It’s perfect if you’re all about those warm and chill vibes. Think romantic, airy, and Instagram-worthy. Plus, it works well with any bling or understated accessories.

Viva Magenta:

Feeling fierce and ready to slay? Say hello to Viva Magenta — it’s like a burst of raspberry that demands attention. If you’re all about standing out and making a statement, this bold hue’s got your back. And it’s a total win for those warm-toned babes who want to add some extra oomph to their look.

Veri Peri:

It’s like the cool breeze on a hot day, mixing blue and purple vibes for unique prom dresses. If you’re into making a subtle statement with a hint of quirk, this shade’s your jam. Rock it and watch heads turn – especially if you’ve got those warm fair tones, hazel eyes, and dark locks.

Ultimate Gray:

When you want to keep it classy but not dull, Ultimate Gray is your go-to. It’s like the perfect pair of jeans — it goes with anything and always looks sleek. If you’re cool-toned, this shade will have you slaying effortlessly.


Need a burst of sunshine? Illumination’s here to brighten your day (and your look). It’s all about spreading joy and vibes so good they’re contagious. Warm-toned beauties, get ready to glow even brighter!

Classic Blue:

Classic Blue is your ride-or-die color for those who keep it cool and timeless. If you buy a prom dress in this color, you are always in style and oh-so-versatile. Plus, it’s a mood booster, adding confidence to your prom night swagger.

What Etiquette Tells Us:

  • For really fancy events, ladies go for solid-colored dresses.
  • Your prom dress should stick to just two colors max.
  • Anything with three or more colors loses its “formal” vibe and looks more like a cocktail or casual wear.

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