Why Eliquid will Make a Perfect Present for an E-Cig Smoker This Christmas

For smokers that have switched to an electronic cigarette or are considering making the change for the New Year, an eliquid gift set could be perfect present this Christmas. Available in a variety of flavours, they could serve as great treat to encourage a smoker off the tobacco.

As smokers turn to electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to tobacco, more and more flavours have been developed to offer some variety to users. Eliquids have now become so developed, that there are a whole range of flavours now available to for people to try. From beer to banana, cappuccino to coconut.

Electronic cigarettes produce vapour which is from a nicotine based liquid known as eliquid. When it’s heated by the atomizer, it delivers the sensation, taste and feel of smoking. While tobacco is the best flavour to use when starting out with an electronic cigarette, smokers can begin trying out the huge range of flavours the market has to offer.

In response to this rise in flavours, many of the best eliquid providers have come out with Christmas gift sets to meet demand as well as developing a cocktail of new flavours by mixing existing flavours on the market. The sets offer a range of flavours for an electronic cigarette smoker to try so they can find out what they like best and what works for them.

Electronic cigarette smokers may end up sticking to the same flavour as they’re not aware of what’s on the market or if they’ll like certain flavours. A gift set offers them a selection box of choice so they can experiment and mix things up.

An e liquid gift set offers them something they’ll actually use and encourage them to keep using an electronic cigarette in place of tobacco ones. They emit no smoky smell and only produce water vapour, so can be smoked inside without disturbing anyone. This is ideal for the Christmas period as it’ll mean family, friends and guests won’t be disturbed and nobody is sent out into the cold to smoke.

It may seem like an unusual present to give this Christmas but is a handy, interesting and affordable gift to give to an electronic cigarette smoker this year. Given the dangers of smoking tobacco such as exposure to dangerous toxins and carbon monoxide, you could be saving a loved one from a whole host of health problems this Christmas as well.

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