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Parent’s Guide: The Value of Early Dental Care For Your Child



According to recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see a dentist by the time they’re one year old. By ensuring they get the care they need, parents will protect their children’s oral health for a lifetime. Here, we list a few reasons why childhood dental care matters.

Detecting and Solving Problems Early

When you find a dentist for your child, they’ll find oral health issues before they become unmanageable. Problems like cavities and tooth misalignment can be treated when found early. For example, when children have cavities in primary or baby teeth, a dentist can treat them before they cause damage to underlying permanent teeth.

Avoiding Oral Health Issues Later in Life

Childhood dental visits prevent the future development of oral health problems. Pediatric dentists give parents and children advice on proper tooth and gum care, such as the right way to brush, floss, and rinse. Many dentists also offer fluoride treatments that strengthen teeth and prevent decay.

Creating Positive Associations With Dental Care

Children, especially if they’ve never seen a dentist, are likely to experience fear when planning a visit. Starting check-ups at an early age will help your child form positive associations with dental care and office staff. When parents plan dental visits for their children, they set them up for less stressful oral care as they age.

Forming a Solid Foundation for Oral Health

Early dental care also helps parents establish a foundation for lifelong oral health. When children see dentists regularly, they can monitor oral health and provide vital follow-up care. This is particularly important for special needs children and families that face obstacles in seeking care.

Parental Guidance

Early childhood dental care gives parents time to learn about oral health. Pediatric dentists can explain early-stage dental development and tell parents what to expect as their kids grow. Parents everywhere rely on dentists for advice and recommendations on children’s oral health care.

Promoting and Establishing Healthy Habits

Early office visits build lifelong healthy habits. Children’s dentists teach them about the importance of good hygiene, including flossing and brushing, along with health-boosting dietary recommendations. By instilling healthy habits from an early age, dentists help children set themselves up for a lifetime of oral health.

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

Oral health affects a child’s self-esteem and overall confidence. A healthy, beautiful smile makes kids feel at ease when socializing with friends and family. By planning dental visits early on, parents help their kids gain healthy, confident, and proud smiles.

Reducing the Need for Costly Treatments

Finally, regular office visits reduce parents’ need to spend on time-consuming, painful, and costly treatments. By finding and treating problems early, families can avoid expensive and invasive procedures later. While it is an upfront investment, it pays dividends. Regular dental care helps parents save money and time while reducing their children’s stress and discomfort.

Early Intervention Builds Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime

The importance of early oral care for children can’t be overstated. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to prioritize your kids’ dental health and ensure that they get the care they need. Don’t delay; call a local dentist’s office to schedule an initial appointment and give your child a great start on a lifetime of oral health.