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How to do a Pedicure at Home?



What to do if the visit to the nail tech is postponed once again, but you need a beautiful pedicure against the clock?

We recommend doing this procedure yourself. We will tell you how to do a pedicure at home step by step, which will look stylish and attractive.

What do you need for a pedicure at home

To do a perfect pedicure at home, you need to prepare:

  • a pedicure tub (metal or plastic);
  • sea salt;
  • herbs;
  • essential oils;
  • pedicure tools;
  • a coarse foot scrub(80 or 100 grit);
  • consumables;
  • foot cream;
  • nail separators.

You get various pedicure tool kits. They may include nail clippers or a nipper. They are used to correct the shape and length of the nail plate.

A spatula, scissors, or clippers to cut the cuticle. A spatula is used to separate the cuticle from the nail plate, while scissors or clippers are used to cut them. These tools are also used to remove rough skin from the lateral folds.

A remover, as well as an orange stick, can be used to remove cuticles.

A spatula to remove dirt from under the nails. It has thin working edges to avoid injuring the nail.

A metal base with removable files, or a 100-grit file. These are needed for the final correction of the shape and length of the nail plate.

As for consumables, the final list depends on the type of coating – standard nail polish (it air dries) or gel polish.

In the first case, you only need polish, which you apply twice to the nail plate. In the second – the base coat, gel polish, top coat, and a UV or LED lamp that is required to work with the consumables.

It is also recommended to use a remover – a special product for removing rough skin on the feet.

How to do a pedicure at home: steps

Before the steps on how to do pedicures at home, prepare all the tools and additional materials.

Step 1: preparation of the nail plate.

If the nails are coated, you need to remove it, using a nail polish or gel polish remover.

Step 2: a warm soak.

Pour warm water into a plastic or metal container. Add sea salt, essential oils, herbs, chamomile tincture, calendula, or tea tree. These ingredients soften the skin and have an antiseptic effect. The soaking duration is 20-30 minutes.

As soon as the water in the bath cools down, you need to refill it with a new hotter one.

Step 3: treating the skin of the feet.

To do this, use a 100-grit brush, remover, or other means to soften the skin.

After treatment, the skin on the feet should be smooth and soft.

Step 4: nail correction and cuticle removal.

The first method to remove the cuticle is to apply a remover and gently move the skin away with an orange stick.

The second method is to separate the cuticle from the nail with a spatula and carefully cut it with scissors.

After that, you need to correct the length and shape of the nail by using nail clippers, and then with a nail file.

Step 5: cover the nail plate. This will be the final stage, in answer to the question – of how to do a pedicure at home for me.

If you use standard nail polish, apply two coats.

If you are using gel polish, you need to apply a base coat, the gel polish, and the top coat. Each coat is dried under a lamp for 30-120 seconds (depending on the type of lamp).

Step 6: Apply cream.

Give your feet a light massage with moisturizing foot cream

How often should you do a pedicure?

Another question: how often should you do pedicures at home?

Professionals recommend this procedure once every 3-4 weeks. This said you need to assess the quality of the coating and the condition of the cuticle and nails.