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Here’s How You Can Add A Spark In Your Marriage



The act of marriage as an opportunity for growth

There is no joy like falling in love. It is like having a new toy that comes with several compartments for you to discover. Love makes you passionate and excited but staying in love can be a whole new story. There are times when you get bored after spending a couple of years with your partner.

The same person that once felt the most important does not feel the same anymore. Do not worry, you are not alone in this. Many relationship experts say that it is normal for a long-term relationship to feel like it is flaming out. But there is hope. Here are a few ways you can add spark to your marriage and fall in love all over again.

Revisit the beginning

The fuzzy sensation of falling in love may not last forever, but you can revisit the places where it all started. The early stages of a relationship are about the powerful feelings of desire, infatuation, and fantasies.

If you want to rekindle those feelings and bring the excitement back, you need to go back to where you met. Head to a place where you have great memories together which will remind you that you are still the same people who love each other.


The easiest way to bring clarity in a relationship is through communication and a way to bring intimacy in the relationship is by sharing secrets with one another. Intimacy does not start and end with sex, it is about the closeness you share.

When you feel disconnected, you can tell your partner a secret you never told anyone in the past. Once you see that your partner is non-judgemental of your secrets, it will strengthen the connection. You can share anything from a vivid dream to a childhood memory or even a fantasy.

Show gratitude

Never underestimate the power of a thank you in any relationship. The easiest way to keep the spark alive is to thank your partner for the things they do. It is also the most common advice given during marriage counseling. If you feel that your relationship is waning, you need to thank your partner for the little things they do. Make it a regular practice. Gratitude can help the relationship thrive.

Burn the resentments

To fix a broken relationship, it is important to burn resentments. Sit down and write down your resentments on a piece of paper. Now use a burning bowl and set the paper on fire with an intention to release the negativity. If you do this right, it will help heal and you will be able to move forward.

Plan secret dates

In the process of reviving your relationship, you can plan secret dates for one another.  It feels good to be thought of and it is nice to do something for your partner. At least once a month, take out turns to plan dates for each other and keep it a secret. Tell them how to dress and nothing else. It will add mystery and desire. Identify what they like and plan it accordingly.

Give each other space

A lot of relationships start to feel suffocating after some time. This is because you are not giving enough space to one another. Distance will create desire. It can revitalize a relationship and give you enough time to think about its importance in your life.

You can also go on a holiday with your girls and let your partner have some alone time. There are times we need time away to miss our partner and to remember what we have in our lives.

Take care of yourself

When you are in a marriage or a long-term relationship, you often forget about yourself. This can suck the oxygen out of the fire and make it hard for the relationship to thrive. You need to remember that there are two people in a relationship and not just your partner.

It is hard to feel attracted to someone who has lost their individual identity. Your partner fell in love with you for the person you are and the qualities you have. But if you are not the same person anymore, it will become difficult to feel the same.

You need to continue to look after yourself, no matter the stage your relationship is in. Pick a hobby, do charity work, or set work goals. When you have individual interests and goals, you will have something to talk about. If you are happy with yourself, others will love you for being you and it will change the way they look at you.

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or married for a few years, these tips will help rekindle the spark and bring back the romance in your life.