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A Lesson of Luxurious Relaxation



The importance of using a specialized chiropractor

In the modern world, people work hard and often have limited time for rest. The only place where one can relax a bit is home.

A modern hot tub can give you a perfect opportunity to practice the art of relaxation.

The massage and all the body sensations it gives are some of the most relaxing experiences in life. Not everybody likes to interact with another person or arrange a session with a masseur. A hydromassage device is always there for you to enjoy right from the moment it is installed.

The more we value our privacy and aim to make our homes safe and enjoyable places, the more important it becomes to aim not only for my-castle paradigm but also for my-fitness-center and my-spa ones.

The charming but clean design of Aquatica hot tubs hides a variety of features, like chromotherapy, temperature control, antifreeze, noise isolation, and more.

Aquatica started it is own production of hydromassage bathtubs after 15 years of distributing and servicing other brands’ products. The company has an in-depth understanding of the market and clients’ needs.

One of the best international designers, Marc Sadler, whose works you can see in MoMA, was commissioned to make the well-known whirlpool tub look more contemporary and exquisite.

Aquatica products can be ordered for either indoor or outdoor use with different filtration systems to choose from. Outdoor ones require a more complicated filtration system. Aquatica came up with an innovative disinfection system that helps to reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum thanks to the use of ozone and the UV disinfection process.

Aquatica splits hot bathtubs offers into two price groups. The price of more affordable ones fluctuates around 15 thousand dollars, while the more expensive ones cost between 25 and 35 thousand roughly. You might consider it as a long-term investment in the art of relaxation.