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Three Things You Need to Know About How to Manage UTIs on Your Own



Three Things You Need To Know About How To Manage Utis On Your Own

Based on national research conducted in February 2019 among 880 women over the age of 18, 43 million women get urinary tract infections (UTIs) every year.

13 million (one out of every three of those 43 million) will not be able to shake that infection after taking the antibiotics which were prescribed by their doctor and will continue to suffer from chronic UTIs. This is because antibiotics have been so over-prescribed by doctors that the bacteria have learned to out-smart the drugs – they hide, mutate and re-emerge after the antibiotics are out of your system.

This sequence of events is known as “antibiotics resistance” and it is such a big problem in the US that the CDC has issued a critical “warning bulletin” to the medical community: over 30,000 patients are dying each year due to a simple, preventable urinary tract infection.

So, women are taking matters into their own hands and moving past the dangers of failing treatments into a new model of prevention.

Here are three things you can do to avoid antibiotics and doctor’s visits – it’s a new way to manage UTIs on your own.

When you have an active UTI, take an all-natural dietary supplement instead of antibiotics

Recent clinical trials show that D-Mannose –a dietary supplement derived from fruits such as pineapples, cherries, and cranberries, converted into a white powder form—can actually work more safely and more effectively than antibiotics.

In one clinical trial, 308 women with a history of recurrent UTIs were evaluated, while using a spoonful of this immune-boosting supplement daily. The group taking D-Mannose did the best in eliminating infection with virtually no side effects, such as antibiotic gastrointestinal discomfort, and bacterial resistance to treatment.

Don’t risk getting another infection – add D-Mannose to your daily routine

In theory, antibiotics are prescribed after an infection is found, whereas supplements are often utilized before infections can take hold.  A daily dose of D-Mannose protects the bladder against recurring infections.

Avoiding an extra trip to the doctor can save time and hassle when an antibiotic is often not needed to start easing a UTIs’ symptoms.

Check your pH levels with At-Home UTI Test Strips

At-home pH tests can help detect the level of bacteria present in urine, and eliminate a visit to the doctor, by signaling the need to take D-Mannose (easily consumed with a glass of water!) to flush out the bacteria which can get stuck the bladder lining. These pH tests are now available for sale online to use when an infection is suspected.  Read more about testing and managing pH levels here.

Looking into alternative, yet safe treatments for urinary tract infections now keeps you prepared for that future “lighting strikes” moment. Research and preparation now can avoid pain at a later date!