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The proven method of quitting cigarettes




When looking to quit smoking, it’s important not to just use willpower alone. We must dig into the reasons driving us to smoke in the first place, understand why that’s unhealthy, and find solutions and replacements to the habit. This article will cover five proven methods to help quit that filthy habit and improve your health!

Negative associations

We all know smoking is bad for us and is presumably the reason why you’re looking to quit. But, we shouldn’t stop this from reminding ourselves frequently of science and literature. In fact, the more you can build up connotations of cancer and disgust when you think of a cigarette, the better chance you have of quitting. Most smokers have positive associations, such as comfort or relaxation, so it’s important to overwhelm and replace these with negative associations.

Nicotine pouches

To tie you over, consuming nicotine without the harmful tar is a proven method of quitting. Understandingwhat Nicopods are and how they work can mean you get to scratch the nicotine itch whilst abstaining from the cancer-inducing smoke. In fact, these can be pleasant to consume and are a healthier alternative.

It’s debatable how long you want to use these, as you must somehow lessen your nicotine reliance. Try consuming fewer pouches each week to slowly reduce the amount – after all, you’re not in as much of a rush with this one.

Hang around with nonsmokers

A difficult but very real method of quitting smoking is to reduce how much time you spend around smokers – or ask them to smoke when you’re not around. One of the most effective ways of quitting smoking is to date a partner that does not smoke. To a nonsmoker, the smell and habit of smoking are fairly gross and unattractive, so this can become a great way to force out the habit. Additionally, if your partner smokes then you’re much more likely to stay in the trap, too.


Receiving therapy to help quit cigarettes is a very positive, proactive way of going about it. Therapists can help you identify triggers and the cause of the addiction, thus helping you become more self-aware of why you smoke.

Furthermore, you want to avoid filling the cigarette-shaped void with another harmful addiction, thus finding triggers and looking deeper can be more conducive to long-term healing.

Take up sport

It’s difficult to grasp the long-term dangers of smoking. However, smoking can have very real, instant impacts on health – but these are felt more by those trying to get fit. If you take up running, for example, you will quickly realize the phlegm, mucus, and a tight chest is stopping you from running. Furthermore, you can feel this be relieved very quickly even if you give up for a week or two.

Plus, if you begin to really care about your sport and fitness, it puts your health as a priority. Otherwise, it’s difficult to remember or think about our health on a daily basis when distracted. It may take a rough game of soccer to realize why cigarettes are hurting you.