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Why Frozen Yogurt Is Better Than Ice Cream?



Why Frozen Yogurt Is Better Than Ice Cream?

If anyone would ask what is the favorite dessert of all time then no doubt every person will answer the same: ice cream. There is no single soul present on this earth who doesn’t love ice cream. In fact, women find excuses to eat ice cream. On a date? Of course, ice cream is the best dessert. Going through a bad breakup? Who could give more comfort than a pint of ice cream? You name the problem solution is absolutely the same.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed to enjoy this sweet treat always. There are so many calories in just one scoop of ice cream that you could enjoy a good meal in its place. Everyone knows it’s packed with sugar and loads of calories. Not to mention there is not much nutritional value of its ingredients. I am not saying it is so bad that you can’t treat yourself once in a while but just know you have to talk a walk for almost 4 to 5 just to balance out one serving of ice cream.

Well, nowadays everyone is fitness conscious. Everyone wants a model figure so they work hard to achieve their goal. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Where there is desire, there is a solution. There is a new hype about ice cream alternatives which is both yummy and nutritional. It is frozen yogurt.

What is frozen yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is also commonly known as Froyo is prepared by combining yogurt with some sweetener like corn syrup, cane sugar, or beet sugar along with flavorings and colors either natural or artificial. Sometimes it is made healthier by replacing sugar with frozen fruits.

It is considered a diet-friendly dessert especially for those who want to keep on a diet but also need to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Is frozen yogurt really better than ice cream?

Well, this is a long debate but an interesting one. Yes, froyo is better, and here are the reasons why you should stop eating ice cream and give froyo a try.

  • Ice cream is loaded with calories

Well of course first and the foremost reason to opt for frozen yogurt is that it is lower in calories. Ice cream is made of cream which is full of fat while of course as the name suggests frozen yogurt is made up of yogurt. Now ice cream flavor entirely depends on how much fat content it has. More fat means more taste and quality. Now in Froyo, Greek yogurt is used which is not only low in calories but also satisfies the cravings of dessert. It is also lower in saturated fat.

  • Make frozen yogurt healthier

You can never make ice cream healthy unless and until you prepare at home and carefully replace every junk ingredient with a healthier one. On the other hand, you can make frozen yogurt much healthier by adding fruits and nuts to it. You can skip everything artificial and go for only natural things like natural flavoring and coloring.

  • High calcium content

Yogurt is high in calcium and is great for bones and teeth. Only 100 grams of yogurt contains 110 mg of calcium. It is considered in the list of high calcium foods along with tofu, milk, and cheese.

According to a study conducted, if you consume three servings of calcium-rich food like dairy which is lower in fat content on daily basis then you will lose more weight. Another research concluded that consuming calcium-rich food could not only help in losing weight but also might prevent gaining weight back.

  • The sky is the limit in flavors

Who says frozen yogurt could be boring? Have a craving for chocolate chip flavor? Or you want a peanut butter one? Even there is Acai berry flavor frozen yogurt available. You can play with flavors and you will be surprised to know that different flavors combine well in the yogurt. You can get any toppings you want just like ice cream. So the sky is the limit girls!

  • Tummy satisfying

Ice cream can really satisfy your sugar craving but does it satisfy your tummy as well? You know the answer. On the other hand, a bowl of frozen yogurt filled with natural fruit sweets and topped with nuts will satisfy your appetite and make you feel full for hours. So putting it straight, you can lose weight by eating dessert. Yeah!

  • High nutritional value

When we are on a diet, our body lacks lots of nutrition. Even if we are not on a weight loss journey, still due to an unbalanced diet and a fast pace of routine, our body is not getting all the nutrients that it requires. Do you know yogurt has a high nutritional value among other healthy foods? Well, as you already know it is rich in calcium. It also contains Vitamin B12, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, and protein. When we add fruits and nuts to it then it becomes more nutritional than any other thing.

  • Probiotics in Frozen Yogurt

We have heard about how bacteria are harmful to health. Do you know there are some live bacteria that have many health benefits? Well, like all fermented milk products, yogurt is rich in probiotics. Although there are many main probiotics are lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of probiotics. It enhances our immune system and makes our body ready to fight diseases. The stronger our immune system is, the fewer chances of getting ill. Regular intake of probiotics lowers cholesterol levels in the body. It promotes the digestive system of the body and not only reduces constipation but also provides protection against diarrhea. It is also helpful in irritable bowel syndrome.

There are so many benefits of eating frozen yogurt that can’t be described in words. But let us be clear on one thing. All the benefits that we talked about only apply to 100% natural frozen yogurt treats. If it is the artificial one then you won’t be able to reap the above-described benefits. So it is always better to read on the label first.