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All You Need to Know Before Your AeroPilates Purchase



All You Need To Know Before Your Aeropilates Purchase
Image Credits: Popsugar

With New Year resolutions at an all-time high, you can’t afford to be the laughing stock when you have to tell your friends and family that you already gave up on your goals for the year.

That’s why it’s a great idea to turn your home into a zen abode and introduce yourself to the AeroPilates reformer!

When you can’t find a class to go to, or if you just prefer working out at home, the AeroPilates reformer will help you get fit and healthy on your terms.

Before making the commitment to your mind and body with an AeroPilates reformer, read below to find all the features you should consider prior to making the best purchase –  budget conscious or not.

Standard Pilates equipment is pre-assembled, bulky, and takes up a lot of space. The AeroPilates reformer comes unassembled and is much smaller than regular equipment, making it perfect for home use.

It will take a bit of time to set it up, but after that, it is ready to go and is fit for anyone – beginners and experts alike.

This AeroPilates equipment uses lighter materials, so they are cheaper and more maneuverable; that is why it is perfect for home use!

AeroPilates Reformer Cords

On AeroPilates reformers cords are used to provide the correct tension needed for your movements instead of strings.

There are varying difficulties to choose from, including lighter, medium, and heavier cords. This depends on your AeroPilates reformer model, but most come with a bundle already included or can be added as an extra.


The jump-board addition to the AeroPilates reformer acts as a trampoline. This feature helps you add a little cardio to your Pilates workout because it adds a bit extra to your jumps and raises your heart rate.

Although the jump-board’s surface area is a little smaller than on other types of reformers, it will help you with proprioception – being aware of where your body is.

Carriage, Straps, and Handles

The AeroPilates reformer’s pad is wide enough for most body types and ensures the user is safe and supported.

However, do check the measurements on your chosen reformer as they vary in size depending on the model and price.

Like most reformers, the straps on these are usually from the same fiber; however, the handles are generally not wooden, so you will be giving up a little luxury compared to the more extensive equipment.

Exercise moves

Using the AeroPilates reformer, you will be able to do just about any exercises that you can do on studio-quality equipment.

There is no fear of tipping over as the equipment is reliable and safe.

The real trick with this, and any, Pilates equipment is the practice of movement. Knowing how to accurately and effectively carry out a movement will be the basis for any exercise you complete using the reformer.

Watch YouTube tutorials to get started or find a class near you to get some more guidance before venturing out by yourself.

Final words

Now you officially have no excuse to not continue with your annual goals. Get fit this year, and get your AeroPilates reformer!

Home comfort? Check!

Budget-friendly? Check!

Gets those abs and thighs burning? Check! Check! Check!