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E-liquid Mixing Guide



E-liquid Mixing Guide

Vaping is simple like smoking a traditional cigarette. Buy your favorite flavored e juice, pour them into the vaporizer’s tank and switch on the device, that’s it. However, this process is for novice vapers. People who wreck of vaping as an artist think about it creatively.

They mix and make personalized e-liquids for more satisfactory experiences. Though it sounds like a good idea, mixing e-juices inaccurately can ruin the taste. If you are a beginner, chances are you still don’t know about mixing e-juices properly. In this post, we are sharing the entire process and proper method of making DIY e-liquid at home. Let’s make fun.

What you need

Before you make a custom e-juice, ensure that you have all the following things near at your hand.

Base liquid – PG and VG are two base liquids you need to try a personalized recipe. One thing to concentrate on is that you will find premixed VG and PG in shops with a standard ratio like 50:50 and 70:30. Since we are going to prepare a personalized e-juice, you should purchase pure base liquid with no premixing, nicotine, and flavor. Besides, carefully notice if the liquid holds USP grade.

Nicotine – Nicotine is not mandatory, however, adding it a little bit will provide extra strength. Always be careful about nicotine if you are a beginner. For a novice vaper, your recommended nicotine strength level should be 8mg to 24mg.

Flavor – In general, you will have some common food flavors in the shop. This is one of the reasons people tend to try personalized e-juices. Mixing this ingredient depends on how strong the flavor is. It varies between 10 to 20 percent of the content. In some cases, 5% works great if the flavor is too strong.

Glass bottles – A bottle is highly required to mix the solution and store it for future usage. Though you can use both plastic and glass made bottles, using a glass bottle will help you keep the juice without decaying the strength.

Syringes – Mixing such ingredients is a matter of accuracy where each drop counts. You don’t have to be a lab technician for the perfect measurement. A 3ml syringe is sufficient to do this task.

Tissue paper – Chances are you may drop a few liquids while preparing the personalized e-juice. Clean them off to avoid possible harm to your children and pets.

Gloves – Our skill is usually reactive to vaping ingredients in case of direct physical contact. Especially, our body can absorb nicotine through the skin. Using a pair of hand gloves will prevent such invisible harm.

Safety goggles – E-liquids and nicotine seem extremely dangerous for our eyes. Wear safety goggles during the mixing procedure and be careful if the ingredients don’t get splashed accidentally.

Step by step guide

Fortunately, you can download a DIY e-juice calculator from the internet or Google play store to assist you in making a perfect blend. Follow the steps after calculating the ingredients.


Take the suggested volume of nicotine according to your calculator. A beginner should go with a very less quantity. In the case of flavor, it depends on your taste. If you have sufficient knowledge about mixing two flavors, you can go ahead. However, we recommend not to take more than 10% of the whole content because most people prefer that level.

Base mixing

You can follow the calculator measure here as well. However, experienced vapers usually take their preferred volume. Simply, the standard ratio for VG and PG blend is 50:50 and 80:20 for most users.


It’s time to mix all these ingredients. Pour them into a glass bottle and shake it fairly well. Keep shaking until everything gets mixed since it contains some sticky and thick ingredients.


Though the solution is ready to vape, you can keep it for a while to make the blend more mature and smooth. Steeping is a personal practice though.