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Things to Remember When Choosing Hemp Seeds for Farming



Things To Remember When Choosing Hemp Seeds For Farming

If you have made up your mind to give farming hemp seeds a try, you will come across plenty of options to choose from. It is easy to be perplexed after going through different options, which makes choosing the right hemp seeds for farming quite difficult.

Hemp is undoubtedly one of the most versatile plants out there. You can use hemp for medical purposes, industrial purposes, and numerous others. Naturally, the main purpose of the hemp you are growing will impact the type of seeds you should look for.

What is the Purpose?

In case you are trying to grow hemp for industrial use like fiber, grain production, or other purposes, the CBD content of the plant would be specifically relevant. But in case you are growing hemp for personal wellness or medical purposes, the CBD content would vary.

You should know that CBD (Cannabidiol) is characteristically different from the psychoactive cannabinoid THC that you find in the marijuana plant. CBD interrelates with the body via cannabinoid receptors in a peculiarly non-psychoactive manner. You can potentially use this compound to treat different conditions, from chronic pain to epilepsy.

Do You Want Seeds or Feminized Clones?

In case you are hopeful to grow hemp that is CBD-oriented, you will need two different kinds of input options to pick from. You can go for seeds or feminized clones.

Some hemp farmers are initially interested in planting seeds because, at least in the beginning, these seeds are the more affordable option. However, if you are choosing the right hemp seeds for farming in an industrial capacity, it might be much riskier.

The growth of the seed is less consistent and more probable to end up in a failed crop. Rather than using seeds, you might wish to consider using clones. But again, the choice is yours, and it is all about your preferences and anticipated results.

Sex of Your Seeds

When choosing the right hemp seeds for farming, make sure you consider the right sex, as it matters. Around half of all non-feminized seeds are considered male. Since pollination only demands a small portion of the complete crop to be male, it will be ineffective if you have too many male plants.

Preferably, your crop will be nearly entirely female, having a couple of males for fertilization to make the best use of its total yield.

Selecting Seeds is a Complex Process

Once you have decided whether you are going to use seeds or clones and non-feminized or feminized plants, even then, there are some critical decisions you will need to make.

Before you start any huge scale activities as a hemp farmer, you must conduct proper research and understand the whole farming procedure. Think about the following things:

What is the Perfect CBD: THC Ratio?

Based on your target market like personal wellness clinics, personal users, etc., you might wish to grow a strain made up of both CBD and THC. You might even want to raise a strain that has no THC of any kind.

What Sort of Farm Do You Wish to Use?

The particular seed that is good for you will largely depend on the environment it will grow in. Will you have your farm indoors or outdoors? Is the atmosphere dry or moist? Is it hot or cold? Each of these things will directly impact the quality of your general crop.

These are only a few of the various things you will want to be thinking about through the entirety of your selection process.

Good Hemp Genetics Matter

Once you have made up your plan about the hemp product you want to harvest, look for seed companies that offer you hemp strains designed for that purpose.

Mostly, these companies have spent years interbreeding strains to augment the seed’s output. For example, a hemp seed that might boost CBD production by just 2% in every single plant might end up in thousands of additional bucks in your pocket for each acre you plant.

When you dive into your hemp seed study, you will most probably find out that seasoned farmers and hemp professionals repeatedly mention the same strains as the best in the industry. You should pick the company that created those strains rather than any seed resellers.

Keep these things in mind as a good crop begins with a good seed. Choosing the right hemp seeds for farming is essential because you will get an excellent hemp crop only if you have the right hemp seeds.