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Five ways Cannabis is changing healthcare



Now that recreational and medical marijuana have both been legal and accessible to Canadians for a short time some noteworthy changes have started to emerge in the health and wellness sectors of the country. If you’ve been paying attention there is an undeniable buzz around products like hemp derived CBD, high THC craft grown cannabis and the new and exciting extracts, tinctures, concentrates and edibles that are flooding the marketplace all over the country. It is becoming harder to deny that cannabis products are making waves that are causing far reaching and sometimes unexpected changes in the way Canadians access health care and deal with their health care concerns.

Let’s take a look at five exciting and positive changes to health care and society at large that the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis has had on the health and wellbeing of Canadians and our communities.

A Crucial Weapon in The Battle Against Opioids

The ongoing opioid crisis is an epidemic that is ravaging communities in every city and town across the face of our nation and the wider world. This crisis is largely fueled by large pharmaceutical companies and the liberal policy of medical practitioners and their eagerness to prescribe opioid based drugs to their patients. Making medicinal and recreational cannabis accessible to all is a step in the right direction towards curbing this terrible issue that is causing so much grief and destruction in the communities we live in. More research is needed of course but there are promising studies underway utilizing cannabis for the cessation of harder substances like opioids and alcohol. If societies can move towards the goal of getting opioids off of our streets and utilizing the full range of exciting cannabis products instead while limiting access to the more dangerous substances for use in only the most extreme and necessary cases then we can begin to take steps in the correct direction and solve this awful situation for everyone.

Lowers the Need for Mental Health Medications

Easily, legal access to recreational and medical marijuana gives people who struggle with depression and other serious mental health concerns a ray of hope and a tool for managing their symptoms that doesn’t require the need for doctor’s consultation. Often those of us lucky to be without mental health concerns can forget the overwhelming ordeal even a simple task can feel like to a person struggling with a serious mental health issue. For someone in the depths of a dark period of their life or struggling with a complicated health or wellness concern the added stress of having to explain and justify yourself to a doctor in order to receive access to the treatment you require can feel like another massive hurdle in your path towards bettering yourself.

By removing this obstacle and allowing people to make informed decisions about their own treatment options and medication even people who might not consider their issues serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit can still obtain a solution to help manage whatever symptoms they are experiencing. The results are a net positive for everyone as the more people who can treat and manage their own symptoms for issues both large scale and small by using cannabis products actively reduces the amount of people queued in the health care system, further reducing wait times and allowing medical professionals to focus on the people that require urgent medical attention.

Alternative Treatments for Many Ailments

By that same token it is also worth noting that cannabis provides new treatment options for a wide range of issues and physical disorders that many of our fellow Canadians struggle with on a daily basis. From autoimmune disorders, cancers, PTSD, epilepsy and more, there seems to be no shortage of possible applications and patients all over the country and the wider world have discovered that having safe and easy access to cannabis products has allowed them to better manage their symptoms and regain some control over their life that even traditional medications and therapies had failed to provide without a host of troublesome side effects. People who struggle with chronic pain management are particularly likely to benefit from introducing cannabis products into their lifestyle and routine allowing them to avoid building a dependency on a more damaging and potentially fatal substance.

Cannabis Use And Cancer

Exciting research is being conducted into the use of cannabis concentrates by those fighting against cancer. Patients have long been using cannabis on their own to supplement their cancer treatments and to help with the nausea and discomfort that result from undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Many people who turned to cannabis products – especially those who have experimented with using high quality and high potency cannabis extracts like the famous Phoenix Tears (also known as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO) – have reported a sudden remission and in some cases have overcome the disease and regained their health entirely. There seems to be some reluctance by the medical community at large to accept these radical and potentially exciting testimonials from patients but survivors have been spreading the word far and wide that using cannabis in combination with traditional medical approaches is likely to increase your chances of survival.

Improving Quality Of Life

More broadly and perhaps most importantly of all having ready access to high quality cannabis products simply improves the quality of life for everyone. By reducing the need for harmful opiate based prescription drugs, giving people an alternative to more harmful recreational substances and providing an alternative treatment method of cancers and other serious health concerns the general quality of life for all of society is improved. Shorter wait times in the health and wellness sectors for those who require a more serious medical intervention in their lives will be more readily available to all and hopefully the greater public’s dependence on destructive substances like alcohol and hard drugs will be reduced. This should have a net positive effect on crime rates and issues of social disorder, especially in the home and in our neighborhoods.

When people are happy, feeling social and laid back and have a reliable method to access a medication without a laundry list of potential negative side effects or a destructive path towards dependency and addiction everyone is better off. And without the need to set up appointments, consult with a doctor or justify their symptoms and experiences to anyone even the most socially awkward and uncomfortable or those medically unable to leave their homes can have access to a treatment option that will work for them without putting them at risk of addiction or death. Especially if you order online from a fantastic service like Haute Health, Canada’s number one online cannabis resource!