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Autogenic Training For Stress Relief



Stress has become a part and parcel of the modern lifestyle.  The highly competitive world that we live in demands more than we can offer to meet deadlines at work and a lot of it spills over on to our personal lives as well.  The deadly effect of stress makes its presence felt by affecting the mind and body.  Research backs up the fact that stress is the main reason for hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, etc.  It is not a nice situation to be in.  However, help is at hand in the form of Autogenic Training.

  • It is a simple technique that can be self-learned or from learning from trained professionals.
  • It is an alternative therapy that is recommended by health care professionals with no known side effects.  It works well to relieve stress.
  • The entire process involves some simple exercises constituting of some simple postures.  To back up the process and to get the best results, avoid alcohol and smoking while practicing it.

Mind therapists believe that when under stress, the body tends to react to it either by fighting it or by just responding to stress.  While fighting it, the body takes a toll.  Blood pressure shoots up, muscles cramp and the body is just not under control.  This can have serious repercussions on the body and must be avoided.  The other response to stress is to address the cause of stress with the aim of being done with it.  This is more beneficial for stress relief.  Autogenic training can help you to stop fighting and start responding to stress.  The process can be divided into parts, the first of which will involve a set of warm-up exercises followed by inducing heaviness in your body.  This is followed by a second stage wherein warmth in induced in the body.  Both these together help your muscles relax and get over the stress.

To get the benefits of the process, regular practice is recommended.  It just takes a few minutes of your time.  It requires that you remain awake and conscious during the process.  So practicing it early in the morning is beneficial, when the body is alert after a good night’s sleep and you are ready to take on the stresses of the day.  Autogenic training has given relief to many people suffering due to stress.  They have won the battle over insomnia and have a calmer body and mind, thanks to this technique.