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A Guide to Mattress Sizes



Shopping for a mattress would be so much easier if there were some clear standards on mattress measurements. The only thing you can be certain of is the generic size you need for your bed. But a king size mattress can feature different dimensions whether you buy it in the USA in the UK or even at Ikea. For this reason, we have put this guide together with a few tips to prevent you from falling into the trap.

A few Tips:

  •  According to the national sleep foundation in order to get a good night’s sleep, you should get a mattress that is about 4-6 inches longer than your height or the tallest sleeper if you share a bed with a partner.
  • The good news is that if you shop a mattress in the UK, the mattress size will always be the same regardless of the supplier you buy it from.
  • American and European mattress sizes tend to be larger than UK sizes so pay extra attention when shopping for larger sizes such as kingsize or super king-size as dimensions will be different depending on the country.

British mattress sizes:

  • Small Single Mattresses: Width 2ft6″ x Length 6ft3″
  • Single Mattresses: Width 3ft x Length 6ft3″
  • Small Double Mattresses: Width 4ft x Length 6ft3″
  • Double Mattresses: Width 4ft6″ x Length 6ft3″
  • Kingsize Mattress: Width 5ft x Length 6ft6″
  • Super Kingsize Mattresses: Width 6ft x Length 6ft6
  • Superking Zip and Link: Width 6ft x Length 6ft6

Continental and IKEA mattress sizes:

Sometimes mattress shops have continental sizes on offer. These sizes are different from the standard UK sizes so before going for one of those make sure your bed frame can actually hold a European mattress size.

  • Euro Single: Width 3ft x Length 6ft6″
  • Euro Double: Width 4ft8″ Length 6ft6″
  • Euro King: Width 5ft3″ Length 6ft6″
  • Euro Super King: Width 6ft6″ x Length 6ft6″