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CBD Wax – Facts, Fiction, and Its Medical Applications




The world of cannabis has significantly changed over the years. With further research, CBD and hemp plants have resulted in numerous other products, including CBD wax – a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with a wide range of benefits.

CBD and its various products have grown to become a household name in the USA. From ill patients to daily enthusiasts and everyone in between, healthy benefits associated with CBDs are attributed to their widespread use.

There are various forms of CBD products, including:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Edibles
  • Pills
  • Capsules
  • Lotions
  • Creams vapes
  • Wax

What Is Wax CBD

Wax is a by-product of the oil extraction process in CBD. Manufacturers make use of equipment such as CO2 during the extraction process. As the CO2 leaves the opaque oil, it creates a sticky-like residue known as CBD wax.

Like most non-psychedelic CBD products, the wax is increasingly becoming a popular form of CBD concentrate, thanks to its high potency. It offers you high levels of CBD even when taken in smaller portions.

Types Of Wax CBD

Just as there are several kinds of CBD concentrates, there exist a few types of wax CBD in the market. Knowing the differences will undoubtedly help you choose which category best suits your needs. Let’s take a look at the various options available along with their features.

CBD Crumble

CBD crumble has a cannabis wax extract concentrate that’s crumble-like. It’s great as it can either be vaporized via dabbing/dab pen or dissolved into your choice of oil/fat. As far as endocannabinoids are concerned, the best method of taking full-spectrum CBD concentrate is via dabbing.

CBD Shatter

This kind of wax CBD gets its name because it shatters when touched. It’s one of the cleanest and purest types of wax CBD. It’s manufactured by extracting cannabinoids and filtering them repeatedly until all that’s left is CBD.

CBD Live Resin

Manufactured from live resin in either fresh or frozen hemp, CBD live resin is renowned for its potent terpene levels. By removing CBD from plants that are not decarboxylated, this wax has better terpene levels, giving it a fantastic aroma.

CBD Budder

This product gets its name to its “butter” like consistency. The production of CBD budder involves purging using high air pressure and heating the CBD to high temperatures. As the purging comes to completion, the oil is whipped.

Pros To Using CBD Wax

  1. It’s a fun way of consuming CBD compared to other products.
  2. Those that enjoy varying terpenes flavors will enjoy it.
  3. Since it’s so potent, a tiny portion takes you a long way. You don’t need to purchase regularly.
  4. It’s ideal for clients seeking potent CBDs.

Health Benefits Of Using Wax CBD


The National Cancer Institute’s studies investigating CBD’s role in preventing cancer cell growth indicated that CBD could manage symptoms and cure any side effects of the disease.

That aside, it’s worth noting that the research is still in early development stages, and the NCI doesn’t endorse any form of cannabis in treating cancer.


For a long time now, CBD has been used to reduce or entirely block convulsions. This is incredibly helpful with patients experiencing epilepsy and seizures. Recently, the FDA has approved Epidiolex – a CBD based drug used to treat Gastaut syndrome.


CBD administered in small doses of 160 mg has been shown to increase sleep in individuals suffering from lack of sleep. It has a similar effect on insomnia patients and promotes alertness in microdoses.

Nervousness And Anxiety

CBD products have been effectively used to treat anxiety. They contain cannabidiol, which can be used in treating depression and has the potential to treat or manage disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.


With its impact on insulin, wax CBD helps regulate and, to some extent, prevent diabetes. Research has indicated that it can help stabilize blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and improve overall blood circulation by dilating the vessels.

As CBD usage continues to grow and accepted, more and more people will learn all the potential benefits linked to their use. Their misconceptions associated with psychoactive products will be cleared.

Like with all other products, CBD wax may not be for everyone. Ensure to do your research to learn whether or not this product is for you. When in doubt, always ask your doctor before using any CBD products, mainly if you are on any medications or supplements.