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22 Ways to Help yourself During Health Conditions




There are many useful products you can use for a variety of minor ailments. We know that sometimes a common cold can ruin our weekend. The following tips will help us deal with minor health problems or diseases.

#1. When having bronchitis, accompanied by a persistent cough, freshly squeezed blackcurrant juice with honey can help.

#2. Beneficial tea for general health can be made from a mixture of equal parts berries, blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries. Let them boil on the stove.

#3. In case you are overweight, it is advisable from time to time to only eat 1.5 – 2 kg of peeled apples during the day.

#4. Apples have a positive effect on the immune system and on the general condition of the body, so they are recommended for people with a weakened immune system, after having a severe illness and heart, arteries, and kidney problems.

#5. Dried apples also have a therapeutic effect – especially in inflammatory bowel disease and other intestinal problems.

#6. In case of a severe cough, you can make a compress of flour, honey, and grated horseradish – wrap the mixture in gauze and put it on your chest for a while. Before that, it is good to smear the skin with a little bit of butter, because horseradish may irritate it.

#7. Pears are known for their diuretic effect, but they are also an excellent antibacterial agent. They help to lower the body temperature and even counteract a cough.

#8. Fresh kohlrabi boosts the formation of gastric juices and regulates appetite.

#9. In case of an intense migraine, it is advisable to eat 1 Tbsp of organic honey and then apply a compress, dipped in lavender water, to your forehead.

#10. In case of infection around a nail, a piece of bread dipped in water will help you.

#11. In case of a wasp sting, put vinegar-soaked gauze or a slice of onion on it (this neutralizes the poison and stops the swelling).

#12. If you have strong acid reflux, you can soothe it by chewing and swallowing a few pieces of finely chopped raw potato.

#13. If you have a sunburn, the redness will ease if you lightly smear the affected area with cottage cheese or yogurt. To cool the burned skin, you can also use cucumber cut into circles.

#14. With rheumatic pain, you can help yourself by soaking 3-4 cloves of garlic in a half-liter of brandy for about 10 days. Then every morning you should drink one teaspoon of the potion.

#15. If you have fatigue, you can cut a peeled potato and immerse the pieces in a glass of cold water. Leave it to sit all night, and in the morning drink the water.

#16. To lower high body temperature, the following recipe is useful – boil four liters of water with pieces of oak bark for ten minutes. Then add two tablespoons of salt and immerse your feet in the resulting solution. Another well-known method to lowering high temperatures is to put wipes soaked in apple cider vinegar on your forehead.

#17. There are a lot of tricks to wiping out warts. Amongst the most popular ones are smearing them with propolis, lemon juice, and garlic, or rubbing them with the inside of the banana peel. “”Banana therapy” helps warts soften up before their final removal.

#18. With painful menstruation, tea from the marjoram helps.

#19. In case of a sore throat, boil three potatoes, crush them into a puree, warm it, and then put on a thin cotton cloth. Wrap the puree with it, roll the towel around the neck, and strap a woolen scarf on top. It is recommended that the fabric stays intact all night.

#20. If you ate garlic, you can quickly neutralize the specific odor from your mouth by chewing on a bit of coffee or parsley.

#21. The decoction of apple tree leaves (a tablespoon of crushed, dried leaves is boiled in a bowl of water for a few minutes) is an excellent remedy for colds and coughs. Drink one cup twice daily.

#22. In the case of bile duct problems, cut a dandelion stem and eat it raw. The most comfortable option is to add it to salads. But in any case, we need to do this for at least two weeks.