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6 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked




Perhaps after reading about the benefits of sleeping naked, you will want to throw away your pajamas and nightgowns. Or at least leave them in the closet, to be taken out only for the freezing days of the year.

Many people cannot imagine sleeping naked in bed, at least when it’s not about sex. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with spending the night completely naked (and indeed this technique will help the relationship). In fact, sleeping in this way assists several health aspects, including the body and mind.

Whether you like to sleep in your comfortable nightgown or pajamas, or if you’re the type of person who stays in underwear only when you sleep, you are now going to find out why you should leave the clothes aside.

#1. Your body produces more oxytocin

When you and your partner decide to try to sleep naked, you will find that there is nothing more enjoyable than touching skin-to-skin. One of the hormones that our body releases while sleeping naked is oxytocin, also known as the love hormone.

The hormone in question is beneficial to health in many ways – it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress levels, helps fight depression, and generally makes you feel happy.

As we have already mentioned, nakedness during sleep will also help with your relationship. The results of a survey in 2014 are clear: most couples who sleep naked feel satisfied with their love affairs.

#2. You will have a more restful sleep

Very often, when you put on your pajamas, and you fall into sleep, it makes your body “overheated.” This does not allow your body to reach the optimum temperature needed for deep sleep.

Therefore, if you suffer from sleeping problems, sleeping naked will help you restore the healthy balance in your life.

#3. Being younger for longer

There are many hormones that our body releases when we sleep, and their effectiveness is based on body temperature. Melatonin and growth hormones that help prevent aging and maintain skin health are successfully released when the body temperature is lower.

To enjoy a younger look for a longer time, it is advisable that the temperature in the bedroom does not exceed 21 degrees Celsius, or you should sleep naked.

#4. Reduced risk of fungal infections

Although fungi are considered a common problem among many women, they are easily preventable. If you make sure that fungal infections never appear, you will not have to fight their stubbornness.

Fungi need a warm and damp environment to thrive in, and due to your lower body temperature when sleeping naked, this will help prevent the development of fungal infections.

#5. You will gain more confidence

You may need a dose of additional confidence, or perhaps not. However, if you are sleeping naked, it will help you feel even more comfortable in your own skin.

You will begin to accept the small flaws that you have, and you will no longer be ashamed of your body. Imagine how good it would be to wake up naked, rested, happy, and confident!

#6. Improved testicle health in men

It is known that the quality of sperm can be affected if the man wears underwear or clothing that is too tight. This is because of the high temperature his body is exposed to.