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5 Spices that Relieve Headaches, Tension, and Fight Stress




Spices taste delicious and offer up great flavors to just about every dish. But some can also have surprisingly beneficial properties for our health.

#1. Cloves relieve pain

The small blossoms of this spice have much more essential properties than sticking them in orange, for example, to make a room pleasantly perfumed. Cloves contain a substance called eugenol (a local anesthetic and an antioxidant), which has an anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces joint pain and swelling by up to 30%. The ingredient, which is due to the spicy scent of this spice, can also soothe the pain. It is therefore not surprising that clove oil is used in the preparation of many of the painkillers that are used in dentistry.

#2. Cinnamon stimulates the brain

You can add this aromatic spice not only when preparing desserts but also in salty dishes. In addition to discovering its surprisingly excellent fragrance, you can also enhance your memory. An American study recently found that cinnamon stimulates brain cells and increases the flow of blood and oxygen. Other studies indicate that the inhalation of this scent improves test results and problem-solving.

½ tbsp cinnamon a day reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

#3. Ginger cures headaches

Many studies have determined that raw or powdered ginger is just as effective against migraines as analgesics, and it reduces unpleasant sensations much faster than regular medication. Ginger’s magical effect is due to its gingerol (a powerful antioxidant known as [6]-gingerol) contained within it, which, as clinical studies show, hinders the action of substances that cause inflammation and pain.

Preparation of a ginger-based potion

Peel and cut ginger into pieces two inches from the root. Put them in water, boil for 15 minutes, and then drain. Sweeten your medicine with organic honey and drink a small cup of it regularly. This will help prevent headaches caused by stress.

#4. Nutmeg relieves tension

Soothe the nerves that are subjected to daily stress with nutmeg. This spice contains myristicin (a substance that stimulates the production of serotonin – the hormone in charge of happiness and tranquility). Right before going to bed, add a pinch of nutmeg to your herbal tea, as the myristicin will fight off insomnia and guarantee a peaceful sleep.

Editor’s note: During pregnancy, consult a doctor before using.

Use nutmeg powder along with organic honey in a glass of warm water. Stir well, drink, and it will immediately calm your nerves and relieve tension.

#5. Vanilla fights stress

Studies involving brain observations have found that people who inhale vanilla suffer 63% less stress. Another research shows that the fats contained within vanilla stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin – soothing chemicals that induce a sense of calm and happiness. And since it is not recommended to overdo them, to combine the beneficial effects of vanilla and dessert, you should only eat one cookie per day.

The mixture of these 4 spices prevents an upset stomach

This blend consists of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. If you have a culinary party planned, make sure you don’t overload your stomach. Add a pinch of those pre-mixed spices to the dessert or the sauce for the main dish. These spices have a calming impact on the digestive system and will help you to avoid swelling and cramps.