5 Ways for Men to Improve Their Skin

No longer are men relying on a bar of soap and some hot water to look after their skin; times have changed and the modern man is just as keen to look after themselves as their female counterparts. Below are some great tips to help you keep you skin looking young and healthy.

1) Sun – We all like the feeling of having a nice tan whether its natural or not. However this temporary glow can have serious side effects. If you are not protecting your skin properly with the right lotions and correct factor for your skin type you can be causing long term damage which in the most severe cases can lead to skin cancer. Continuous over exposure to the sun without the right protection will have lasting effects with it looking tired and wrinkly as you age.

2) Good Products- There is now a huge selection of male grooming products out there, but what is important is picking the right one for you. Men might not feel 100% comfortable speaking to a professional but it can be very beneficial as they can let you know what products suit your skin type. Prices vary considerably but more expensive doesn’t necessary mean the best for you.  The 3 essentials for every man is a good exfoliator, a daily cleanser and a quality moisturiser.

3) Healthy Diet- Our parents were right! Eating your greens really is good for you and along with a balanced diet can really help your skin. The natural goodness in fruit and veg, and following a 5-a-day routine will really help your skin combat the effects of ageing whilst also adding important nutrients into your diet.

4) Stop Smoking – Cigarettes have an aging effect on your skin and this will cause lasting damage.  Smoking can cause the skin to become dry, course and wrinkled. Furthermore a recent study by Clinique Laboratories has found the same effects can be had from second hand smoke. So if you are a smoker, or it’s your friends or family, you may want to suggest the many alternatives out there now to help you quit. One of the recent developments is in e-cigarettes which give the feel of a real cigarette with the hit of nicotine to help cravings without the nasty carcinogens that cause all the damage. There are tones of websites out there that sell e-cigarettes which has a wide variety of products to satisfy the most hardened smoker.

5) Exercise- A lot of people don’t realise but stress can cause havoc on your skin. Stress hormones called cortisol are released and this in turn triggers the glands in your follicles to over produce sebum. Sebum is generally a good oil but when too much is produced this can block up the follicle and lead to a pile up of dead skin cells.  Exercise is proven to cause reduced stress. It lowers the levels of cortisol levels in your body and therefore combats the build up of sebum. Thus reducing the build up of dead skin cells.

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