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Facts About One of The Most Dreadful Medical Disorder – Brain Tumor



Understanding of Survival Rate Percentage of People Diagnosed With Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is one of the most severe medical conditions.  The term refers to the abnormal growth of human cells in the brain. This disorder is always life-threatening and endangers human life. Sometimes, cancer spreads from the affected part and moves towards your brain, which causes the growth of these cells. In other cases, cancer grows in the brain itself. Whatever the scenario might be, it is quite important to diagnose and treat them well on time.

Causes of Brain Tumor:

There are severe reasons that trigger the growth of these abnormal cells. People are overexposed to specific chemicals and are always at a risk of suffering from this dreadful disease. The severity of the issue mainly depends upon the size of the tumor, stage, location of the tumor, age, the medical history of the patient, and many others.

The survival rate for people suffering from oligodendroglioma brain cancer is about 80 percent.  This medical disorder is considered to be incurable and has less survival percentage. There are not many symptoms, but it is always recommended to get diagnosed on a regular basis. Severe headaches, giddiness, suddenly blurred eyesight can be some of the symptoms.

Factors that Decide the Survival Percentage:

The sooner the issue is diagnosed the better treatment you can opt for survival. Moreover, the size of the tumor also plays an important role in deciding the survival percentage of the patients.  If the size is quite huge, then it can create severe complications while operating or taking them out. It also depends upon the location where the cells are grown. The health condition and the stage of cancer also help in deciding the survival percentage of the sufferer.

The survival percentage is calculated based on several factors and it can be estimated by medical professionals.  This percentage varies from one person to the other and there are many factors that are taken into consideration for calculating the same, which are as follows –

  1. Age of the Patient – It is one of the aspects that play an important role in deciding the survival factor of the cancer patient. Children who are below the age of 14 years have a great survival possibility when compared to grownups.  As many as 75-80 percent of children successfully overcome this disorder and lead a normal and healthy life. The success rate decreases to 55-60 percent in the case of people whose age ranges from 15-44 years. On the other hand, middle-aged people have about 16 percent of survival possibility. Old people who are above the age of 60 years have as less as 50 percent of surviving ratio. It also depends upon their health condition and immunity
  2. Other Factors – many times, it depends upon the treatment techniques that you opt for curing this disorder.  One needs to go through proper radiation treatment techniques and chemotherapy as well. Proper treatment can heal any sort of medical complication, though it is considered to be quite expensive. Post-treatment the patients can lead a healthy and happy life. However, it is recommended to get themselves checked on a regular basis

There has been an increase in the percentage of people suffering from cancer. Though there are no exact reasons that state the growth of these dreadful tumors. Medical professionals all over the world are now working hard to find a better solution to cure this ailment in time.

Stages of Cancer:

This disease is mainly divided into 4 main stages. The 1st and the 2nd stage are considered to be the beginning of this disease. The survival possibility is quite high when compared to other levels. However, it is quite important to diagnose them at an earlier stage, so you don’t have to go through any painful procedures. On the other hand, stages 3 and 4 reduces the survival percentage as they are known to be in the advanced stages.