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Is Your Family Ready for an RV?



There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to make a hugely important decision—when is the time to buy an RV?

So many things must be taken into account before you can seriously start browsing used RVs for sale: your finances, the size of your family, the age of your kids, the area you live, and the amount of space you own on which to store your RV.

Plus, not everyone is ready to unhitch his or her wagon and explore some of the most beautiful scenic countries in the entire world. The U.S. is home to a radically diverse group of landscapes smashed together into one vast plat of land. Secluded deserts and mountains that touch the sky, ethereal forests, and monstrous rivers and plains that stretch into the warm horizon await the eager traveler at every turn.

But before you can reach these wondrous places, you must decide: Is your family ready for an RV?

Signs That You Are Not Ready

 Before you can decide if you’re ready, it helps to list why you aren’t ready.

  • Your kids are too young.
    • Generally, young kids love going on adventures (especially if the destination is Disney), but not young kids. You don’t want to have to worry about taking care of babies and toddlers on the road. Make sure your kids are self-sufficient by the time you purchase an RV.
  • You rent an apartment.
    • Hey, RVs are big. You need space to put them when you’re not driving. If you rent an apartment, you probably don’t have access to a driveway where you can perform DIY maintenance or even clean it properly.
    • Plus, if you rent an apartment, it means you either live in a city or don’t have the sufficient capital needed for the upkeep of used motorhomes.

Signs That You’re Ready for an RV

 The amount of care that goes into maintaining an RV—certainly, if you’re questioning, “Should I sell my motorhome at a later date?”—is it very time consuming and expensive depending on your model type and how you treat it?

On to the signs you’re ready for an RV:

  • You have adequate capital.
    • Money. You need money to maintain the RV and to put fuel in it. And don’t forget about that mini-fridge that must be kept full at all times (for the kids, of course).
  • You have adequate time.
    • There’s no reason to buy an RV if you don’t have any time to use it. Make sure you’re in a professional position to take a week off here and there to really stretch your RV legs and expand your family’s horizons.
  • You have places to go to.
    • If you have no interest in seeing the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the transcendent peaks of the Grand Teton, or the iconic Badlands of the Dakotas, then an RV isn’t for you.

So now the time has arrived for you to decide. Are you still tied down by the rules and responsibilities in your life, or are you ready to answer the call of Manifest Destiny?