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Products to Help You Quit Tobacco



Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances in the world, all thanks to nicotine, the chemical stimulant that makes chewing tobacco or smoking a cigarette so enjoyable. Addiction symptoms for nicotine actually mimic those of harder drugs, like cocaine and heroin, making quitting cold turkey a herculean task. If you’re wondering how to quit chewing tobacco or cigarettes, here are a few products to help you out.

Nicotine Gum

The gum contains a bit of nicotine. As you chew, a bit of nicotine enters your system through the lining in your mouth.

he best part of nicotine gum is that it’s readily available. You don’t need a prescription for two doses. It acts shortly so you can immediately control those unexpected cravings. Initially, you chew one piece of gum every hour or two and gradually reduce your dosage until you need no gum at all. Gum is especially useful for those trying to quit chewing tobacco and need oral satisfaction.

However, you must use gum repeatedly throughout the day to control your withdrawals and may only take the edge off the cravings.

Herbal Chew

Herbal chew imitates the flavors and sensation of chewing tobacco without any of the actual tobacco. Instead, the chew contains all-natural herbal supplements, which can invigorate the body, freshen your breath, and help clean the nicotine out of your system.

Herbal chew doesn’t contain any actual tobacco, which means no nicotine and no need for a prescription. If you’re suffering intense cravings, herbal chew won’t do much to stave them off, but the act of chewing and having it in your mouth may be enough to keep some of your withdrawal symptoms at bay. These herbal supplements are also available as mint snuff and snus.

The Patch

The patch is a self-adhesive patch that releases nicotine into your skin. You apply a new patch every day, on some area of your skin between your waist and neck—commonly the chest or upper arm.

Nicotine patches are available in varying doses without the need for a prescription. The patch is a long-acting product that is designed to control nicotine cravings for 24 hours at a time. Over a period of time, you can reduce the dosage.

However, you cannot easily adjust the amount of nicotine if you’re met with sudden withdrawal symptoms. Many people use a secondary cessation product, like nicotine gum, in conjunction with the patch.