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The Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes



Electronic cig

Electronic cigarettes are devices that are used by smokers to replace traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have a host of advantages. Some of the most important advantages that are conferred by electronic cigarettes are the fact electronic cigarettes can help people stop smoking; they don’t pollute the environment; They are non-flammable; and, perhaps best of all, they are non-carcinogenic.

Why Electronic Cigarettes are a Healthier Way of Smoking?

First of all, electronic cigarettes are healthier than conventional cigarettes because they have the capability to help the smoker quit smoking. Although they still contain nicotine, electronic cigarettes are useful in quitting because they lower the dosage of nicotine that person is getting, ultimately weening them off of nicotine entirely. Additionally, the flavor that the smoker experiences are almost the same as a traditional cigarette.

The nicotine solution that is dispersed by the e-cigarette is produced from propylene glycol. When air sensors notify the mechanism that the e-cigarette is being “puffed”, the nicotine in the propylene glycol solution is then vaporized. The dosage is always the same, giving the smoker a uniform distribution of nicotine. Those who wish to quit smoking often find it useful to know how much nicotine they are ingesting, which enables them to gradually cut back on their dosage, and eventually quit.

Electronic Cigarettes Provide a Wide Range of Benefits as They are Non-polluting, Non-flammable, and Non-carcinogenic.

The main health concern with cigarettes is the tar and tobacco, not the nicotine. Electronic cigarettes give people the ability to be able to smoke and enjoy nicotine without having to experience the harmful side effects of tar and tobacco. Traditional cigarettes, when burned, emit over 4000 harmful chemicals into the air and your lungs, including carbon monoxide. In an electronic cigarette the only chemicals that are emitted are tested, non-cancer-causing chemicals.

Many deaths occur each year as a result of forest fires and household fires. The main culprit of these fires is, you guessed it, cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, you will never have to worry about you or your home being exposed to an open flame. While electronic cigarettes are designed to appear to “light up”, this visual effect is merely aesthetic, adding to the appeal of the e-cigarette. Indeed, electronic cigarettes give smokers all of the satisfaction of smoking a real cigarette. Everything from the taste of the cigarettes to the vapor that is produced to simulate smoke all contributes to the pleasurability of an electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes are Significantly Cheaper Than Conventional Cigarettes

Today, there are electronic cigarettes that do not emit this vapor cloud. These cigarettes are useful for those who wish to smoke in a “no smoking” area. Another useful fact to add is that the smoking of electronic cigarettes will not cause your teeth or fingers to turn yellow. Last, but definitely not least, smoking electronic cigarettes is much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. Those who wish to save some money on their monthly budget will be surprised to see just how much electronic cigarettes can save them.