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5 Health Issues You Are Likely to Face As A Mechanic



Working as an auto mechanic can be a lucrative and highly rewarding job, but it is also one that is potentially dangerous. In the last five years, there have been over 8000 work-related injuries in the UK in this field and 24 deaths. So while this is the perfect occupation for those who love fixing and customizing cars, those who go into this profession must always do so fully appreciative of the dangers that lurk everywhere. As with all walks of life, a little bit of common sense will be sufficient to keep you safe. Being a mechanic, fixing and customizing junker cars, could also lead to some problems.

Eye Damage

This is an issue that will most affect those working in a body shop where more metal work is done than in a traditional garage, but it is still something that should be considered by all mechanics. There is a lot of powerful machinery in any garage, and the possibility of parts flying off unexpectedly at high speed is something that you should always be aware of. To eradicate the potential of this type of injury, eye protection should be worn whenever there is even the slightest possibility of damage to the eyes occurring.

Hand Injuries

As a mechanic, you will be exposed to abrasive chemicals and tools and bits and parts that can reach incredibly high temperatures. For these reasons, it is always advisable to wear gloves when at work. Even on jobs where delicacy is involved, a pair of gloves should be worn just in case. Heavy-duty gloves are preferable, but any type of material which protects the skin is also useful even when working on the most mundane of jobs.  Spills are not the only thing to consider as the mechanic should always be aware of the danger of falling objects, which could crush, causing more severe injuries.

Knee and Joint Injuries

As a mechanic, you will continually need to get on your knees to take a look at something on the floor level. Some of the most common types of injuries reported by mechanics in the long-term are those which affect the knees. As the injury is one sustained over a long period, it is easy not to consider it as a risk, but this would be a grave mistake as one easy way to alleviate this problem is by only buying some knee protecting mats which can be placed on the work station in just a few seconds.

Chemical Inhalation

All aspects of this profession involve exposure to potentially life-threatening chemicals. These can be found in paint, brake fluid, antifreeze, and a whole host of other places. These chemicals may affect the eyes as has already been mentioned, but the real damage can be done through inhalation. You must be aware of the hazards involved in using the chemicals you need for your job. Masks should always be worn whenever there is even the slightest possible chance of injury through inhalation. The carbon monoxide being released from a running car is also something that you should always be conscious of at all times.